I had the wonderful chance to play Bop It! with Candy Licious. I hadn’t bopped it since I was a kid. Fun memories of hours spent driving my parents crazy with the loud commanding voice and sick beats. However has the game held up in all these years? Is it suitable for playing with more than one player? I answer all in today’s Bop It! game review.

First appearing in 1996 Bop It! has been one of the most consistently popular children’s game available. So popular in fact that it’s spawned over a dozen variation and three spin off games; Groove It,  Zing It and Top It. If you’re lucky enough to have an original version of Bop It they have fetch a pretty penny on eBay.

When I first got Bop It! ready to play in PornstarsPlayGames I wasn’t very confident that I would enjoy it. I felt that it was one of those games you love as a kid, but outgrew fairly fast. It was also a bad sign when I didn’t feel overcome with nostalgia. The game however was still simple and easy to pick up and ultimately lots of fun.

Bop It! is fantastic because it’s such a simple concept. The machine says do this; you do it. It’s fast, it’s hard and it’s addictive. The somewhat annoying voice also adds to the experience, it has such a bad attitude as it patronises you for losing, which in turn makes you more determined to win. Playing it by yourself is great because you can keep playing until you feel you’ve got a decent high score. Fun fact, I have never got a decent high score.

The original version of Bop It! only has three things you need to do. Bopping the middle button which is big and round, pulling a leaver on one end or twisting a leaver on the opposite end. Three simple tasks which each make a noise, all set to a very catchy beat. The game throws you off as you get into a rhythm but the commands you’re given aren’t in any set pattern and those added extra noises can confuse you against the constant, catchy beat.

Playing it with two players was no different. There is real tension when watching your rival play as you hope their score doesn’t surge too far ahead of your own and you can get back on top. The only bad thing being that it gets a bit boring to watch when your opponent is really good. I can’t imagine playing with a group bigger than three, unless you turn it into some sort of drinking game. That said, I don’t drink so maybe a reader can tell us if they’ve played Bop It! as a drinking game?

I think as a game, it really is great. It has to be, otherwise it wouldn’t have withstood the test of time, nor had so many variations made. It’s a fantastic one player game, which you need because sometimes kids just want to play by themselves or don’t have too many friends (like me!).

Do any of you have Bop It! at home? One month’s free membership for the person with the highest score that tweets me a video of themselves playing.