The internet was shocked by the news of  how the $115 million verdict in Hulk Hogan sex-tape lawsuit could wipe out Gawker. Sparking a contrervisial debate between privacy and… the internet, this week’s Sex in the News is a big one.

hULK hogan wins against gawker

$115 million verdict in Hulk Hogan sex-tape lawsuit could wipe out Gawker

The Hulk Hogan sex scandal is finally finished with the lawsuit going to Hogan in the name of $115 million. Gawker, who had refused to take down the a video clip of said sex tape, could go under because of the verdict. I feel that it’s a big win for Hogan, but also kind of a small lose since everyone is once again googling for his sex tape.

Woman in Britain poses as man to have sex with teenage girls, including one who feared she became pregnant

I had to include this story because I can’t tell if I’m terrified, or just really impressed. When I was young, I was mistaken for a guy by a girl and she asked me out. I could never imagine pretending to be a guy, let alone doing it so well I could have a full, sexual relationship without my partner finding out. This woman did it so well, a girl thought she was pregnant.

‘Booby Trap Bras’: New bra design conceals knife, pepper spray for protection

For women who want to protect themselves from dangerous men, dangerous women or dangerous men who are actually women, this bra is the bra for you. That’s right, now you can have the comfort of concealing a knife between your cleavage! On a serious note, I don’t know if pepper spray under a  bra, which is under a top (?) would be easier to get to that pepper spray that’s just inside your bag.