You’re getting ready for date night. You’ve got your outfit all sorted out, your shirt, trousers, heck you’ve even put on a tie. But guess what you didn’t think about? What if she doesn’t like your boxers? You probably just threw any clean pair on right? Well I’m here to answer the question of which underwear do girls like best, so you can be confident when taking off your clothes.

men underwear styles picture diagram

Firstly, never go for Y-fronts. They’re nerdy, but not in a cute way. Also white is a hard colour to pull off, so maybe back off white underwear, unless you’re some sort of Calvin Klein model. If you own some, maybe it’s time to rethink your life decisions, because they’re something you should have outgrown a long time ago. I’m not saying they’re not practical or comfy, which they can be, but there are so many types of underwear out there that are more so, it’s time for you to find them.

Nothing too baggy. Like really big boxer shorts. Let’s face it, baggy boxers are basically shorts, so why bother wearing anything over the top? Not to mention they would ruin any plans of wearing close fitting trousers, since they’ll crease up and everything. They’re loungewear, not datewear. It might sound annoying to have to consider your underwear before the rest of the outfit, but saves time instead of having to take it all off when you see it bunching up!

I would say the general rule of thumb is to wear something close fitting but comfortable. The main types of underwear I recommend would be;

  1. Briefs – These are basic pants, with a normal waistline and the cut is quite high above the thigh. Good normal everyday wear, and also good for wearing under smart clothes on date night.
  2. Boxer Briefs – These are close fitting like briefs, except they are longer like shorts. These are good if you want more coverage, and they are tight enough to be fine under smart clothes.
  3. Square cut/trunks – These are in the middle of boxer briefs and normal briefs when it comes to length. Called squared cut because the length is almost equal to that of the waist, creating a square look.

If you want to go with something more adventurous, such as a thong, be sure you’re in the right situation. Adventurous underwear probably isn’t the best idea for a first date, but can be a fun surprise occasionally for a longer term partner. Be weary of how comfortable you are in them, because you don’t want to have to sit through dinner with a wedgie!

  1. Bikini Briefs – These are the male equivalent of the g-string, in the sense that they cover both the front and the back, but in-between those to parts is just the strip of waistline elastic. Fun and with more coverage than a thong for those who have never worn a thong before.
  2. Jockstrap – Like a thong, except with two straps in the back that support your buttocks. Good if you want to something cheeky, no pun intended, but without the discomfort of a wedgie.
  3. Thong – Very popular, so the wedgie thing probably isn’t even a big deal. Lots of very fun and colourful designs available.

Now if you’re worried about colour, don’t be. You can always play it safe with black or grey tones. If you want to be fun and colourful, that’s fine too. Try to pick colours that match your skin tone, and always pick colours you actually feel comfortable in and enjoy wearing. You don’t need to pick something you don’t like to impress a girl. Girls like confidence, especially in the bedroom, so pick something you feel confident in.