Sex toys are fun, and have actually been around throughout the ages. Today I’m going to listing the most luxury sex toys for men, and women. These toys can be ridiculous, impressive, made from precious materials or just be insanely expensive. However there’s also a good range of affordable luxury toys for men and women, so don’t worry.

Tenga Egg for men sex toy masturbating

First up is my favourite company. Tenga. I first learnt about Tenga way back before they had a range for women. I love their Egg Series, which I was insanely jealous of men for being able to use. They are basically masturbation sleeves, shaped as eggs. They stretch out over your penis, and each egg has a different texture design. They’re a subtle design, so you can keep them in your room fairly in the open and no one would realise they’re actually a sexy toy! A single egg only costs £10, but there are so many to collect, you should just get yourself a baker’s dozen!

Tenga series for women super awesome vibrators

When I heard Tenga launched a series for women, I felt like all my dreams had come true. When I finally bought one, I realised that heaven is made of whatever super seriously soft material they use for their vibrators, and when I lost it I realised I would never have an orgasm quite as nice again ever. This series for women is so beautifully designed, it’s super cute and doesn’t look lewd. It’s also waterproof for fun in the bath, and most importantly, it’s super super soft. This is what makes it luxury, it feels like your private parts are being kissed by a powerfully vibrating angel. Each one costs about £50

Vesper by Crave a fashion statement

This statement piece looks like something you would see Victoria Beckham wearing, but in actuality the statement jewelry is a high functioning vibrator. Made from stainless steel, there is also an option for it to be coated in 24 kt gold. Although it’s not waterproof, it is water resistant and splashproof. It also states that it makes a statement, not a sound, so perfect for those ladies who want to be discreet. Of course, wearing it around your neck isn’t exactly discreet… At $69 you can also make it personal with an engraving.

Golden prostate massager and matching cufflinks

For men who want to be fashion conscious as well as sexually stimulated, how about these gold plated cufflinks that come with your gold plated butt plug? Now I know a lot of men will automatically go “Oh no, no butt stuff for me.” because they think it’s gay, but honestly, butt stuff isn’t only for homosexuals. In fact, costing a mind boggling £1,690 I would say it’s only for the very rich! Of course, you can always use the butt plug for your lady friends, and have the cufflinks for yourself. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

most beautiful butt plug in the world

This Fornicouture Fragaria Anal Stimulator by AHH has been on my wishlist from when I first started camming. To this day, I still think of it as the world’s most beautiful buttplug. The design is so realistic and delicious looking, if anything is going up my butt, I want it to be this silver strawberry. Setting you back £520, I have yet to get my hands on it. One day though… one day. I imagine the little dents and ridges made from the seeds feels amazing.

Leg Dildo Strap-On Harness

For those who want to be a bit more exciting, what about this Leg Dildo Strap-On Harness made from fine quality leather and sold at only £150. I’ll be honest, I’ve never thought about having a penis on my leg, and I’m not exactly sure how someone would go about actually, err, doing stuff with it. However this was apparently featured in GQ so it checks the box for luxury items.

The golden tickler sex toy

Tickling is an interesting fetish, and I find a fairly sweet one too. I haven’t seen much exposure of it in online pornography, and considering how this Gold Tickler costs $4,506 I can guess why. Made with real gold and the feathers from an exotic bird, frolic and giggle like the aristocracy with this super luxurious sex toy for man or woman!

Completely gold vibrator

Lelo which is a sex toy brand known for luxury brought out “Inez” which is a completely golden vibrator. I’m starting to see a theme here with luxury and gold things… The 18 kt gold toy comes in it’s own wooden box, a satin pouch and also has a charger. It costs $15,000 and comes with a one year warranty. Looking at it’s luxury design, it sleek curve kind of just looks someone accidentally stood on it.

Victor Phantasm super luxury dildo

If gold isn’t enough for you then what about diamonds? This dildo comes with a diamond ring which you can actually unscrew out of the dildo and wear as another luxury sex toy fashion statement. Or you could make it the most socially awkward proposal ever. Costing a huge $59,154 dollars, this super ultra dildo comes with 177 diamonds, and is also available in different sizes.

Edward VII's sex chair for having a threesome

If non of these so far have been luxurious enough for you, how about a sex toy that is part of history? Don’t be fooled by the photo, this chair is priceless. It was sold in an auction for an undisclosed amount, but is a holy grail for sex toy collectors. It is in fact the sex chair for Edward VII himself. This playboy king had the chair custom designed to make threesomes much easier. A sex toy fit for a king, it’s been said that the person who bought the chair still uses it even now.