French teen Luna Rival is very exciting. We met via twitter. I told her how beautiful she is. And then we started exchanging cute photos via DM on Twitter. It took us so long to meet but finally we met in Budapest. I’ve had my website for just over two years now. When I started sharing my sex life online I never imagined it could be this fun and that I’d get to make amazing friends and have fantastic sex with some of the most salacious and exciting girls in the world.

Luna speaks almost no English. I didn’t realise she was using Google translate on our Twitter messages. I’m touched that she put all that effort in. We met for a date. We went to a steakhouse in Budapest and even during our date we had to use Google translate constantly. With anyone else I think this would be frustrating but Luna doesn’t stop smiling. She’s so much fun, happy girl and I kept melting every time she flashed me that cute, innocent smile.

It was fascinating to date someone that when you don’t speak the same language. Because of the time it takes to translate you find yourself only saying the most important things. It makes you more direct. And also your other senses sort of take over. You use gestures, your eyes and touch way way more.

We definitely had a connection throughout our time together. And we got on way better than I expected. Yes. Luna slept over. . . And the next day my cameraman was invited round to capture us recreating what happened the night before just for you.



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