A new book has revealed Downing Street aides traded bogus secrets for SEX with undercover Russian and Chinese ‘honey-trap’ spies That’s right, sex spies are a thing, and everything James Bond has taught you about how the english deal with them is true.

olga kurylenko bond girl

Advisers to former prime minister Gordon Brown tricked attractive women into thinking they were stealing sensitive information by preparing fake phones and intelligence files as ‘dangles’ in their rooms. It allowed them to take advantage of the ‘beautiful posse of Chinese girls and Russian blondes’ who seduced aides from foreign governments before stealing confidential information when they slept.

This actually came as a counter measure, after one of their own had actually lost sensitive information to a sex spy in Shanghai. They then saw the opportunity to pass on false information to foreign intelligence, and took one for the team by bedding the posse of Chinese and Russian women who target them.

Unfortunately before the operations really pick up speed, the aides were cockblocked by MI6 themselves, who feared that their amateurish deceptions might get in the way of actual British spy plans. Whether or not MI6 have taken over bedding the sex spies is unconfirmed.

chinese posters against foreign menSex spies it seems are a real threat to governments around the world. It’s not only the British who have to be on their toes. China recently released the “Dangerous Love” campaign  warning female workers not to be tricked by foreign men in case they were spies.

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