baroness in GI joe

#10 Baroness played by Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is one hot lady, and the baroness was a childhood crush to many a young school boys who read the GI Joe comic books. The pairing on screen then seems flawless, and yet I can’t feel as if they missed something. Maybe Miller just suits being blonde better, or the costume was somehow not tight enough, I’m not sure, but there’s something I can’t put my finger on.

jessica jones played by Krysten Ritter

#9 Jessica Jones played by Krysten Ritter

I hadn’t heard of Jessica Jones before Netflix brought out the TV series, but the character quickly shot up my crush list with her antihero, alcoholic ways. Krysten Ritter also has those big doe eyes that make her look innocent, yet she has a body that looks anything but. She also really pulls off the tank top and hoodie look, not easy to make sexy.

daphne played by Sarah Michelle Gellar

#8 Daphne played by Sarah Michelle Gellar 

I know more than one guy who’s had fantasies of Daphne in her purple minidress air hostess-esque neck scarf. I also know more than one guy who was totally in love with Sarah Michelle Gellar. It seems a no brainer then that her rendition of Daphne would make it into the top hottest comic book characters list. Whilst the Scooby Doo film wasn’t 10/10, Sarah’s look certainly was.

April Oneil played by Megan Fox

#7 April O’neil played by Megan Fox

I have one friend who’s deeply, madly in love with Megan Fox, and I’ll be damned if I can’t say she’s one of the hottest actresses around. April O’neil was also a popular favourite for boys when she joined in on with the Mutant Ninja Turtles. Although Megan’s character was as tomboyish as I would have liked, the one scene where she sticks her ass to the camera more than makes up for it.

emmafrost played by January Jones

#6 Emma Frost played by January Jones

I have al love hate relationship towards Emma Frost. Sometimes I think her character is fantastic, and I honestly love her pairing with Scott Summers (gasp!) but sometimes she does things that makes me think she really is a villain. Written as a villain in the X-men reboot X-men: First Class,  January Jones looks incredible showing off only a little more skin than her comic counter part. Her ice cold stare can pierce anyone’s heart.

Mystique from xmen played by Jennifer Lawrence

#5 Mystique played by Jennifer Lawrence 

I had to be careful not to fill this list entirely out of X-men characters (of which I’m biased towards anyway) but I couldn’t leave out Mystique. I’ll be honest and say Jennifer Lawrence isn’t my favourite Mystique, but by popular choice, I’ve used her for this list. There’s something very sexy about a naked blue chick who can shapeshift into anything you want.

Harley quinn played by Margot Robbie

#4 Harley Quinn by Margot Robbie

Another “it girl” girl in Hollywood right now, Margot Robbie caught everyone’s attention with her role in A Wolf on Wallstreet. She’s hyped up everyone with her upcomming role as the much beloved Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. Harley Quinn’s character’s psychotic personality is just as hot as her character design and there’s nothing sexier than a girl who’s ridiculously fun to watch.

buffy played by Sarah Michelle Gellar

#3 Buffy played by Sarah Michelle Gellar 

Who didn’t have a crush on Buffy the vampire slayer? She was hot, she was smart and she saved the world every night from undead monsters. Also no one plays a comicbook character quite like Sarah Michelle Gellar, who’s character has broken just as many hearts as she has driven a stake through them.

catwoman played by Halle Berry

#2 Catwoman played by Halle Berry

I know this one might be very controversial to some. When people talk about the sexiest Catwoman they normally say Michelle Pfeiffer, and I would agree that she played the character perfectly. I just personally found her a bit scary. Maybe too intimidating? I also have huge love for Halle Berry who also plays one of my favourite character’s (Storm in X-men) and I honestly think her costume was the hottest Catwoman costume, even if her film wasn’t.

tombraider by angelina jolie

#1 Lara Croft played by Angelina Jolie

Before you go questioning me, yes there is a Tomb Raider comic. It’s very good actually, and the Lara Croft is often drawn to resemble Angelina Jolie. I don’t know what it is, the french plait or the combat tank and short shorts, Angelina’s Lara Croft has me in love. I want her. I want to be her. I think it was Angelina Jolie at her hottest.