The 69 position is one of those highly talked, joked and coveted positions in sex, it’s such a big deal that people can’t think of the number 69 without thinking of sex. Yet it’s a position many people are confused by, and few are able to really pull for. Here are my tips on how to 69 like a boss.

First let’s talk about the actual position of 69. Like the two numbers show, one parter is on top of the other, but their heads are on opposite ends, so that both give and receive oral sex. It sounds perfect right? You get to pleasure your partner whilst being pleasured yourself, win-win.

I’ve always found it a very uncomfortable position personally. Giving a blowjob from from that position is weird to me, as I’m not used to the penis entering my mouth from that angle. I’ve always always questioned how much height difference will change the practicality of the position. I also worry about being too heavy, as the girl is normally on top.

One of the easiest, and comfiest ways to do the 69 position is not to have someone on top, and someone on the bottom. Instead, why don’t both of your lie on your sides? This position can be very comfortable, as well as more flexible in terms of what you can do. A good way to get into this position is for the girl to get on top, and then you both roll onto a side together.

If you don’t want to do that, then you can always bring in the help of pillows. By putting a pillow underneath your bum, and a pillow under your head, you’re elevating all the important parts. This gives you better access to your partner and your partner better access to you.

Tell the girl to be vocal and leading with what she likes. There’s a lot of power for the girl on top in a 69 position, because she is able to move herself to show you exactly how she likes to be pleasured. In the same way that you can do different things in a blowjob (sucking, licking, shaft, head and balls) there’s lots of different ways to eat pussy.

The girl can move her body to make you focus either more on her clit, her vagina or even her bum if that’s what she’s into. It’s great because she can take control, and lift herself off if it’s getting too intense, or push down when she really wants you to go at it.

One of my biggest problems with the 69 position is that I’m unable to both give and receive at the same time. What I mean by this, is that I can’t concentrate on both at the same time. I obviously want to give good head, and to do that, I need to concentrate. I can’t do that if I’m also trying to lose myself to pleasure. You don’t need to be able to multitask to enjoy the 69 position though. Instead, just take it in turns to enjoy.

Once you are in position, let one partner go to town on giving head, whilst the other enjoys it. Then switch it around. When do you switch? When you feel like it. Obviously one person shouldn’t hog all the attention. A good time to switch is when you feel very close, and by switching you are actually edging yourself, which makes your eventual climax even better.