Yesterday was the official first place of summer which means summer holidays and summer loving. But where are the best places to pick up girls in summer? I review the best places to pick up girls in summer and include my summer tips for successful pick ups. 

The Beach

When I think of summer, I think of the beach. Which is crazy, because my family hardly ever went to the beach. I guess sand and sea and sunshine is just considered a very summery thing by everyone, especially as so many people opt to go to beaches abroad for their vacation as well.

The beach is a fantastic way to pick up girls because it’s got such a huge holiday vibe, and people on holiday generally have their guard down more. There’s also the fact most girls will be in bikinis and swimsuits, so the view can’t be beaten.

Tips for picking up girls at the beach

Be prepared. The beach is like a battlefield of sweaty, semi-naked bodies and you need to be the calm fort that women want to flock to for safety. To this, set up your own battle station. Get a beach towel, one block colour (no patterns!) a beach umbrella and a cool box full of water. Try to set your battle station up on higher ground, so it gives you a better view.

The umbrella gives shade, something that everyone wants eventually when they’ve been on the beach all day. Don’t sit in the shade though, it cuts you off. Instead, work on your tan next to the shade. If girls come over, offer them water and a place to sit out for a while. You don’t need to push conversation onto them, let them relax and quench their first. Conversation should flow naturally from this.

If you’re sitting out too long without any takers, take to the sea with your mates and a beachball and play a bit of water-polo. It’s fun, and also shows off your sporty side.

The Park

If you live in a landlocked country/state, or you’re just not a fan of all that sand, the park is a perfect place to pick up girls. It’s very social, relaxing and there’s often an ice-cream van parked near by, win.

Tips for picking up girls at the park

If you have a pet dog, walking is your new favourite hobby. Walking a dog is good exercise, for both you and your dog. Dogs are also inquisitive and will often go up to random strangers, many of whom are cute girls that like to pet cute dogs. Of course, you’ll also meet other dog owners in the park. Don’t have a dog? No problem, there’s an app for that. Check out dog walking apps for your area, where you can babysit a dog for while.

Ball games. Parks and balls games go hand in hand, and group games always open up for more players. Football is the obvious choice but can often be seen as a guys thing. Frisbee is a good idea, getting a cute girl to throw your frisbee back after you’ve failed to catch it is an easy way to open conversation. You can cheekily try saying something like “as a thank you, please let me get you and icecream”


Summer camping is the best camping. Sunny days with walks through forests or up mountains, cool nights by the campfire making s’mores. Make a group trip with your friends, and pick a camping site that’s a bit more hip, maybe one that’s near a lake. Family camping sites are ok, but obviously filled more with families than singles.

Tips for picking up girls whilst camping

The buzzword of the year is glamping, and you can use this to your advantage when it comes to picking up girls at the campsite. Girls are attracted to manly men, so you have to be careful to balance it out between appealing and not being too feminine.

Think good food. Camping food can be delicious, exotic and very gourmet, whilst still giving the impression of being out in nature. Forgo the canned beans and instead bring fresh fruit and veg. Put the barbecue out and grill some portabella mushrooms and melt some blue cheese on top. Make a tomato and olive salsa to have on top of campfire toasted sourdough. Bring some meringue and crush it up with summer berries such as raspberries, strawberries and blackberries to make a Eton Mess cam edition.

Entice female campers with home made sangria. My very easy and cheap cheat sheet for good sangria is a bottle red wine (it can be a cheap one!) some orange juice, lemonade, a bit of brandy and fresh cut fruits like apples and oranges. No one can resist sangria. Why not be extra interesting and make a version using white wine, pear juice, lemonade?

Festivals and concerts

Summer is the time when the outdoor stages get set up in fields, parks and pretty much anywhere else. Hip indie bands, folkbands, heavy metal, you can name them all. The fantastic thing about going to these events is that you can pick the music you like, and the girls you meet there will already have something in common with you.

Tips for picking up girls at festivals and concerts

People going to festivals and concerts want to have a good time. They want to listen to their favourite music, dance and basically have a massive outdoor party. So the best thing to do is to listen to the music, dance and have a good time.

Girls will be drawn to guys who look like they’re enjoying themselves. Important note, this doesn’t mean get drunk out your head, bounce into everyone on the dance floor and shout really loudly.

Instead, be sophisticated but fun. Enjoy yourself, whilst still being completely aware of your surroundings. If you’re with a group of friends, start your own dance circle and take a few turns as the centre of attention.

When you brush up and start dancing with a girl, keep it simple and simply ask her if she’s enjoying herself. You can talk about the band that’s playing, the type of music ect, as these are all things you should already have in common. From there, ask her what bands she’s looking forward to seeing, or if there’s party she’s planning on attending and mention you might see her there (she might even invite you to just go along with her)