Daily star really put a lot of effort to write stories about glamour models and footballers. Especially during important tournaments, such as the Euros. This time Daily Star has gotten an exclusive with playboy model Carle Howle. 

The playboy model and football groupie  “camming with” Christiano Ronaldo has in fact been featured on the paper before, when it was rumoured she was dating Liverpool’s Nathaniel Clyne.

It was her supposed relationship with Clyne that also got her a spot on their “Hottest Wages of Euro 2016″ list.

It seems however that she’s got bigger fish in mind. Daily Star have seen message correspondence between her and Tottenham Hotspur defender Kyle Walker, who has a partner and child.

It seems however that the glamour model is looking to branch away from UK players. A source exclusively told Daily Star Online said: “Carla’s been talking to Kyle and Nathaniel a lot but Ronaldo’s been in touch recently and she’s a lot more interested in him.”

Well who wouldn’t be? He’s like the holy grail for football groupies surely?  The insider revealed, “They FaceTime a lot and send flirty messages.”

Well she certainly has a lot of sexy and provocative pictures she could send him. You can see them for yourself in several galleries  of her, although her nipples are artfully censored. You can of course also follow her on twitter  or instagram.