I just logged onto Chaturbate and instantly fell into English_rose’s camroom and didn’t want to leave so I had to write a little review. English_rose from Chaturbate is awesome. As I type these words she is camming live from her kitchen which as you already know is my favourite room in the house. 

English_rose from Chaturbate is a girl I have not come across before. I’m still pretty new to Chaturbate. I can tell from her accent that she’s from the North just like me.

She’s friendly and warm like all people from the North of England. When you enter her room you will see her smiling a lot and if it’s your second visit you will feel all gooey as she welcomes you by name.

English_rose is so stereotypically English it’s insane. She puts the kettle on and drinks tea during her show, her kitchen is lovely, she was wearing a cute apron (and nothing else), and I could even see her conservatory and glimpses of a lovely English garden in the background. Seriously, any US readers with a bit of an English girl fetish should definitely check her out!

English_rose is blonde – I love blondes – and just the right amount of milfy and she’s pretty too. But without trying too hard which is something I’m a fan of. She also has some incredible boobs which are on display a lot during her shows.

Shows tend to be very interactive. There’s lots of friendly chat, lots of tipping, lots of flashing and teasing. She also uses an interactive toy that responds to tips which is something I discussed in a previous show. I really am going to have to buy one of these – if I’m honest it’s because I want to see if they really work. It seems a little too good to be true but I guess there’s only one way to find out.

English_rose from Chaturbate videos

Now it’s time for the best part. English_rose also sells videos! You can join her fanclub on Chaturbate for $15.99 per month and get access to all her private pics and videos.

Her video clips are good quality for a girl without her own website and what’s awesome is that her videos include a number of boy-girl hardcore videos. It’s rare for a camgirl to do boy-girl videos but when they do it’s so satisfying.

I will definitely be following this girl more and I urge you to check her out too. She’s lovely. You can visit her on Chaturbate here or follow her on Twitter here.