Thank you Jimena Lago for introducing me to pornstar Zoe Doll. Oh my gosh guys, I’m actually in love with this Spanish goddess. I’ve gone through all her photos and videos on twitter, and I’m just so excited to introduce you all to her! 

First things first. What this video.

Now tell me you didn’t instantly fall for her like I did. That cheeky (no pun intended) flash, and cute wiggle dance at the end… I just can’t get enough! Going through her pictures and videos on twitter has been so much fun, I didn’t even realise hours had passed. And I didn’t even mind! She is just that much fun to follow.

Obviously I can tell you guys about her amazing body. Her peach perfected bum alone deserves a whole blog post as far as I’m concerned. Same for  those perky breasts with the oh-so-kissable nipples. Even the carefully trimmed landing strip she has is amazing.

But what I like so much simply isn’t her unbelievable body. It’s the fact she seems like such a fantastically adorable goofball. By goofball, I obviously mean someone who can make everything look silly whilst simultaneously ridiculously sexy. The fact she likes Batman, Superman, and football also goes a long way…

I also admire a girl who posts lots of selfies on her twitter, along side professional done photos. It feels more personal. Of course, when Jimena Lago told me about Zoe Doll, I knew she was going to be special. Jimena is one of my most trusted pornstar friends, and has quite the body herself. Because anyone she praises is bound to be amazing.

You can also watch videos of pornstar Zoe Doll dancing on twitter. These are real gems she posts and they completely made my night. Her dancing is exceptional, especially when she’s just in her panties. In addition it seems luckily for us, she loves to dance.

Finally, if you can believe this or not, I have even better news than her twerking videos. She’s following me on twitter! Yes, seriously. This gorgeous girl actually said hi to me. Also remind me to send Jimena Lago a bottle of wine as thanks for her introducing us. But seriously guys, she’s so nice when you get to talk to her in person. Super genuine and I’ve not been this excited in a while.

Because how amazing would it be if I ever got to meet up with Zoe Doll? I mean, I’d be a fangirling mess, but that wouldn’t stop it being one of the best things ever. She would be amazing to hang out with. So I need to somehow come up with a reason to get myself to Spain asap. Of course, if I do ever get to meet Zoe, I’ll be sure to record lots of videos to share with everyone.

Finally let me leave you with more photos of the absolutely brilliant pornstar Zoe Doll, and you can decide for yourself if making videos together with her would be the best thing ever. Because I think it would be.

Photo Gallery of Zoe Doll