Harriet asked me to post this video. She’s been asking me to start blogging here for ages. I’m her cameraman. When Harriet met Gina Gerson in Budapest Harriet was shockingly sick. She didn’t even know we made videos. So it seemed like the perfect time for me to start writing. I’m going to assume that because this is a sextape that what you really want to know is just what it’s like to fuck Gina Gerson? If you want to know anything else, just drop a line in the comments or write to Harriet


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The short answer is intimidating. It’s always scary to meet one of Harriet’s pornstar friends. I’m not a pornstar. I’m just a friend of Harriet’s that just happened to be a bed-friend of hers when she was starting this site. Luckily we are still friends and every so often I get to meet one of Harriet’s friends and make videos with them.

I know I’m incredibly lucky and I shouldn’t complain. I imagine there are literally thousands of guys that would kill to be me. But you cannot imagine how nervous you get waiting for Harriet and a famous pornstar I’ve never even met to arrive.

So many silly questions go through my head. Will she like me? Will she be friendly? How do I make a move? And I’m even more nervous when it’s a pornstar I’ve fantasised about whilst furiously relaxing to her videos!

So this is actually a video from the first time we met Gina. You’ve probably already seen the BDSM and threesome videos. The first time Gina just wanted to meet Harriet, do an interview and play a boardgame.

Sadly, Harriet was so sick. She could barely talk. She did an amazing job just to do a terrible interview. And then she just went to bed leaving me and Gina to have a cup of tea.

Changing rooms

Gina doesn’t say much. I’m not sure if you are familiar with Russian people but they don’t seem to do small talk. Gina and I sat drinking tea while she looked at me strangely every time I tried to make her laugh.

I didn’t think she liked me. And I was pretty nervous. I was struggling for conversation so showed her all the clothes Harriet had picked out for her to wear in the videos. Within seconds her shorts and top were off, she was naked and trying clothes on. And I was a bit embarrassed and tried to be respectful and look away to give her some privacy.

She kept saying things like, “Look at this! It’s so big on me! In Russia we have smaller sizes.” The way she says things you kind of feel a bit chastised.

Every time I turned round she spoke I’d stare at her body for longer and longer. Trying not to look but it’s such an amazing body. There really isn’t an ounce of fat on her. She’s so lean.

After trying on a few things she settled on a black top she wore as a dress because it was too big and found some long black socks from somewhere. She looked like a very elegant schoolgirl.

She went through to the bedroom, sat up on the bed and just chilled out playing with her phone while I just sat in the living room. Every so often I would try to make some small talk but I don’t even remember what I said. Then she suddenly put her phone down and said “First, you have to kiss me everywhere.”

I was a bit shocked. First! What’s coming next? Obviously I knew, but I did not expect it. I didn’t really think she liked me.

I stood up and went over to the bed. I was shaking I was so nervous. I stood over her by the side of the bed. Tried to think of something to say. I couldn’t think of anything smooth or sexy, so I just sort of bent over to kiss her in what felt like the longest time ever!

I half expected her to say “What the hell are you doing?” as if i’d misheard her or something! But our lips met, then our tongues. Gina kisses so passionately. She really uses her tongue which is something I like. And she opens her mouth wide and kisses deep. She’s so passionate.

It’s crazy this calm, measured no-nonsense girls could have so much passion inside her. And that it was directed at me felt incredible. My hands were touching her everywhere. Trying to feel every inch of her body through her clothes knowing this might be my only chance with her.

It didn’t take long to take off her top leaving her just with the black long socks. I was keen to make good on her request. She wanted me to kiss her everywhere and I was determined to do so. I used my tongue and lips to kiss her neck, shoulders, breasts, belly, hips, everywhere.

The amazing thing about Gina is she’s so light that you can almost pick her up and move her wherever you like. I could even kiss most of her back just by moving her around a bit. I didn’t kiss her in the most important place. I thought it was important to save that spot.

Lucky find

Then I saw the camera. It was sat on the bedside table all ready for making videos with Harriet and not needed. I pressed my body close to hers. We kissed so passionately. More passionately than I think I’ve kissed anyone. It felt so good and felt like such a long time. It was almost like I was trying to consume her!

Then I pulled up and kneeled over her. I reach over to grab the camera, asking her with my eyes if it’s ok for me to start filming

Gina didn’t object at all. And that’s the point from which you can see everything we did.

I was unzipped and Gina began to tease my cock. In a way no other girl has done. It wasn’t better or worse than other techniques. Just different. She likes to use her hands and fingers a lot. She likes to apply different pressures to the head. Mostly as a tease but Gina Gerson cannot really tease for long. She’s impatient. Almost like she has a guys mind. She soon had my cock in her mouth.

And that felt incredible. You can’t possibly imagine what it’s like to have fantasised about a girl while watching her videos for a couple of years and the to look down and see her sucking you! Sex really is in the mind!

And Gina really can’t hold back at all. She has no discipline! She started touching herself almost straight away. I couldn’t really allow that. I’m not an expert but I’ve generally found girls like sex more if you build up to it and tease them a bit.

So I place the camera on the bedside table, kissed her and worked my way down her body slowly. And just as I was getting close to her lips I pulled away and started to kiss and lick slowly from her knee and pulling away just as I got close to her clit.

To be fair. I also don’t have that much discipline. This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity and really, I had to taste her. After gently breathing on her pussy to tease her a little more I couldn’t resist and used my tongue to lick her from opening of her pussy up to her clit. I did this a few times then focussed on using my tongue as passionately (and randomly) as I could on her clit.

Gina’s clit is so easy to find. It swells quite a bit when she’s turned on. She tastes so fresh and her body is so responsive. It’s so easy to go down on her. You know exactly what to do because her body reacts and she makes noises if you do what she likes.

As I was going down on her she was getting louder and louder. And after a while she started saying things too. To be honest I was never sure if she was saying “harder” or saying yes in Russian which sounds similar.

I was genuinely pressing my face, tongue and mouth into her pussy so hard I was worried about hurting her! But when her leg wrapped round my neck and squeezed me in even tighter I finally figured out what she’s saying. Gina likes very hard sex. Even oral!

Finally get to fuck Gina Gerson

Eventually I stood up and grabbed the camera. I wanted her to suck my cock again.

“I want you in me” she said and that was that.Are there any hotter words in the English language than a girl telling you she wants you inside her? My heart raced and I still couldn’t quite believe I was about to fuck Gina Gerson!

Gina Gerson’s pussy is so tight. It feels so good to be inside her. And just as with oral. Her body is so responsive. Just it’s even more obvious what you need to do. You just have to fuck her as hard and as fast as you can!

She’s so light it can feel like you are going to break her but no matter how hard you fuck her she will ask you to fuck her harder. There were definitely times when I had to put the camera down to do just that but I caught as much of what happened as I possibly could.

It’s amazing to move from position to position with Gina. She’s so light you can do almost anything easily. And in doggy it’s like you’re carrying her in mid air and fucking her just so hard it’s almost impossible not to come.

I had to change. We tried spooning but it was too late for me. I needed to come so badly. I keeled over her. She put my cock in her mouth and jerked me slowly, fast, with one hand and with two. It’s with one hand that always makes me come. And as she was doing that I started to spasm and exploded over her face and into her mouth.

It was amazing how she looked in that moment. She has an innocent look but covered in my sperm she looked sordid too. The contrast was so sexy.

I must admit that this was one of the most exciting, amazing and unexpected sexual experiences of my life. I didn’t quite believe it was real. You see some of that in the video actually. I suddenly lost my confidence and was all “Did you enjoy that? Was that real?”

She said yes and that made me feel like such a baller in that moment. So much so that. . . well let’s just say that that’s what it’s like to fuck Gina Gerson and there will be a second half to this video coming soon.

  • NeilW

    It’s great to read this, CM (scuse initials, it seems a bit friendlier than Mr Cameraman or, worse, “The”).

    The gory details are very effective, but I loved to read what was going through your head, what you were feeling. Thank you very much for that. One of the strengths of Harriet’s diary pieces is her ability to so vividly portray time, place, and state of mind as well as the physicality, and it is pleasing to find that you are doing that, too.

    I hope that, as well as keeping up to date with future developments, you will also work backwards through past exploits – I would love to hear your thoughts on various other ladies who have shown up here.

    I would also welcome your thoughts on equipment and filming techniques and issues, especially the emphasis on POV.

    I like your voice in this writing. More, please!

  • Matthias Richter

    Thanks for sharing it. Since several days i read the whole blog of Harriet but already missed some views and insights by TinderTommie, so i hope he will share more of his experiences too.