Hannahjamescb from Chaturbate is one hell of a cute, fun and surprisingly sweary British camgirl. I’m in love with this girl. If you haven’t checked her out yet, you should do it now. And here’s why. . . 

Hannahjamescb from Chaturbate is a hot, flexible slim 20 year old with a bit of an emo look which is something I find so hot. In the past her hair was bright red. She looks so naughty as a redhead. Right now she’s has natural brunette hair and looks so innocent.

That is until Hannahjamescb’s show heats up. Wow! she’s intense. As I write this she has an interactive Lovense toy reacting to tips, she is using a magic wand on her clit – but that’s not all, tip her enough and she whips out a huge dildo that with some effort slips into her ass. Totally worth it to see how much her face when it does. You can tell she’s a genuine lover of anal fun.

Oh and did I mention the spanking? Hannahjamescb is surprisingly kinky. Fans of spanking can tip for spanks. And it’s not gentle and playful as it is with many camgirls. She really goes for it. She’s enthusiastic and clearly loves all this stuff.

As I watch her it’s so easy to imagine what it would be like to have her here with me. To have my hands in control of all those toys. It would be incredible and Hannahjamescb’s show is the closest you can come to feeling like you’re there with her via cam. Have I said how much I love this girl yet? Hannahjamescb,I love you!

I should probably talk about her personality too. While Hannahjamescb is everything I like in a girl physically, she also maybe everything else I like too. She has this carefree, lighthearted way about her only a young girl can have. She’s happy and friendly to everyone and has an awesome self depreciating sense of humour (just look at the video pinned to her twitter feed for proof).

She’s also clearly very middle class and has a cute but hard to place regional accent. I can’t quite tell where she’s from but I could listen to her for hours.

Hannahjamescb from Chaturbate videos

Did I mention Hannahjamescb also sells videos? And they’re pretty good too. There is just about every type of solo video you could imagine. My favourite was the first time with a Hitachi Magic Wand, that brought back some memories from when I tried one.

She even has a Tentacle video and you know how much I love tentacle porn! You can check out Hannahjamescb from Chaturbate videos and camroom here and you can follow her on Twitter here. If you haven’t already I suggest you do so now. You might even be able to catch her before she logs off for the day!