Olympic fever may have died down since the closing ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympics, but things are just starting to heat up here for us. Here are a collection of photos of naked olympic athletes, as well as some non olympian athletes. It’s no surprise that these women have some of the fittest bodies ever. 

Susi Erdmann, German Bobsledder

Kathy Radzuweit, German Volleyball

Romy Tarangul, German Judoka

Regina Segeerva, German Gymnast

Petra Niemann, German yacht racer

Nadja Pries, German BMX rider

Leryn Franco, Paraguayan javelin throw

Julia Lier, German rower

Ineta Radevica, Latvia Track

Francesca Piccini, Italian Volleyball

Florea Lenida, Romanian Gymnast

Anastasia Ashley, Surfer USA

Amanda Beard, US swimmer