This week we have an interesting range of topics. From the dynamics of having sex in space to plans of London’s first blowjob cafe. There’s also a dildo duck and the modesty of Michelangelo’s David in Russia.

The Dynamics of having sex in space

If anyone remembers, a while back Pornhub tried to crowdfund a mission into space to shoot the first ever space porno. Sadly the mission never took off as they didn’t reach their astronomical $3,400,00 goal.

Even if they had, it seems that the mechanics to having sex in space would have been an even bigger obstacle, one no one has tried climbing. Contrary to almost all sci-fi films and books, sex in anti-gravity just isn’t practical.

The first problem you face is the fact when two objects come together in anti-gravity, they push each other away. Obviously flying to the other side of the room every time you try penetration isn’t ideal. To tackle this writer Vana Bonta created the 2Suit which is basically a space suit that velcros two people together. In a documentary she tries demonstrates in a zero-gravity chamber, but was only able to get to first base.

But even if you were to make some sort of space love capsule to keep the two partners together, there’s a lot of doubt about having space babies. If we want to colonise in space, we’re going to need space babies. Experiments are currently limited to insects, jellyfish and rats in space. The rats, which are closest to humans in biology, showed abnormal embryo development.

No one has plans to research sex in space, nor space babies any time soon. Even the manned mission to mars set for 2030 shows to no plan to look at colonisation. I still firmly believe that humans will one day colonise space, just not anytime soon.

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London’s first blowjob cafe

As any London resident could tell you, a coffee in London can get pretty expensive. Bradley Charvet however is determined to sell London’s most expensive coffee yet. It’ll cost you £50, but comes with a side of fellatio.

Charvet already has plans to open a cafe with the same theme in Geneva in December. The difference is that prostitution is completely legal, with brothels being labeled as massage parlours. Whilst it’s sort of legal in the UK, it will be a lot hard to get permits for the cafe.

London recently opened up an entirely naked restaurant which has been praised by critics across the board. Granted the restaurant was very strictly non-sexual. It proves that there’s a demand for more open and risqué establishments in the capitol city.


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