This week we’re going to talk about pornstars’ favourite video games, from MsPacman to Call of Duty. We’re also looking at sex education based VR

Pornstars’ favourite video games

I’ve been watching Wood Rocket’s “Ask a Pornstar” series since my friend Anny Aurora was featured in one of their videos. I was especially excited to see their latest video which asked them “What is your favourite video game?”


It’s not surprising to find classics such as Zelda: Ocarina of Time making the list from April O’neil. Sims, and Grandtheft Auto are also favourites. It was also interesting hearing more indie games make the list, such as the slenderman game.

A lot of retrogames make the list, such as Nintendo 64’s Mario Party. Mortal Kombat is very popular. MsPacman and Galaga also get a mention. Kenzie Taylor is super cute when she talks about a potential remake of Crash Bandicoot.

Of course, you also have your first person shooters on the list. Fallout and Call of Duty both make the cut, but no Halo fans surprisingly. For one pornstar, Cadence Lux, no video games made the cut as she doesn’t like playing them.

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Virtual Reality can teach sex education

Virtual reality is really taking off this year. Sony have announced a new VR console, and pornhub have a dedicated section on their site. Now a company called BadoinkVR, who make VR porn, are bringing out a series called Sexology.

The Sexology series is considered by the CEO Todd Gilder to be more a form of  “sex therapy” than sex education. The videos will teach “valuable techniques to increase stamina [and] refine lovemaking skills”.

When tested, the first 4o minute long video was considered by Motherboard as well meaning but a little too passive in the VR medium. It also focuses entirely on the man and his penis, which they commented, “it conflates being a “good lover” with having a hard dick, a limited definition if ever there was one.”

There are lots of positive things it can help with. For instance, it would be great for men who feel insecure or have anxiety issues related to keeping it up. It could certainly be used like therapy session.

As much as people don’t want to admit it, porn teaches a lot of people about sex. Porn often teaches people more about sex than sex education does at school. It would be a fantastic move forward if the porn industry put forward some videos that tackle sex education, whether in virtual reality or not.

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Ex-law student-cum-pornstar makes naked sky diving dream come true

Angelina Doroshenkova made headlines last year when she quit one of Russia’s top universities where she was studying law to become a pornstar.

She now makes headlines again after fulfilling her dream of doing a naked skydive. She explains “I want everyone to know that the porn industry is rich in talented and brave people, capable of many things!”

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