Have you ever noticed that you’re more sexually active in spring and summer, than autumn and winter? Low libido actually affects a large number of men, especially those above 40. New studies have linked sexual satisfaction with bright light exposure, and it can be the trick for you to get better sex. 

The University of Siena in Italy recruited 38 men diagnosed with low libidos and treated half of them with daily doses of bright light. The idea came from observations of the variations in sexual interest dependent on seasons. Scientists concluded it could be because of ambient light.

Different levels of light exposure has been known to effect lots of people. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern. It’s caused by the reduced amount of sunlight in the winter seasons. SAD is treated with light boxes that mimic sunlight.

The study tested levels of testosterone in men before and after being exposed to bright lights over a period of time. There was also a control group.

Professor Andrea Fagiolini who led the research noted

“Before treatment, both groups averaged a sexual satisfaction score of around 2 out of 10, but after treatment the group exposed to the bright light was scoring sexual satisfaction scores of around 6.3 — a more than 3-fold increase on the scale we used. In contrast, the control group only showed an average score of around 2.7 after treatment.”

It’s also widely accepted that spring is the season of love. There could be merit behind this old phrase, because spring is when the days get longer and your exposure to daylight naturally increases.

Prof Fagiolini noted,

“You see the effect of this in reproductive rates, with the month of June showing the highest rate of conception. The use of the light box really mimics what nature does.

“Light therapy inhibits the pineal gland in the centre of the brain and this may allow the production of more testosterone, and there are probably other hormonal effects.”

“The increased levels of testosterone explain the greater reported sexual satisfaction.”

Of course there is also a link between using light boxes to get better sleep. For those with irregular sleeping patterns, a light box helps regulate your sleeping. A lack of sleep has often been linked to low libido.

Light therapy also helps tackle forms of depression, including SAD. An increase in overall mood will also effect your sexual satisfaction.


The research is in early stages. As of yet, the project is not at a stage for clinical treatment. However once it is ready, it could become a better solution for low sexual desire than current options. It would have  less side effects than things such as testosterone injections, or antidepressants.

You can also buy your own light box now, and increase your daily bright light exposure. The light box has minimal side effects, and have shown to increase sleep satisfaction as well as mood. It could very well give you better sex.