Last month I wrote about one of my new girl crushes, Spanish pornstar Zoe Doll. Today, I’m so excited to tell you guys she’s coming for a sleepover in Budapest with me this weekend! Two days and one night with Zoe Doll? Sounds like heaven to me. 

Jimena Lago introduced me to Zoe Doll on twitter, and after she told her I’m nice, normal and not an axe murderer, Zoe followed me back and we’ve been messaging since. She is super sweet, and if you haven’t followed her on twitter yet, do it now.

If you can’t remember who Zoe Doll is, let me remind you of her amazingness with a few photos…

This will be my first sleepover with a friend in Budapest. I’ve had Candee Licious come over for dinner and a movie night before, but she didn’t stay the night. Part of me is a little bit nervous, part of me is super excited.

I’m not sure what sort of things she’ll enjoy doing. 80s movies have taught me that girls should have pillow fights in their underwear. I don’t have any spare feather pillows at the moment though.

Today I bought some supplies from the shop. We have a lot of options for the weekend I think. First, I bought a second controller for the PS4, as well as a PS4 camera. If we get a chance, I would love to stream us playing some games over the weekend.

In addition to playing videogames, I’ve bought a “giant badminton” set. It looks a little goofy, and I think it’s intended for younger children, however if it’s a sunny day I think it would be fantastic to go to the park and play some badminton. I wanted to get nerf guns or water guns as well, however they weren’t in stock.

On a more geeky side, I have some knock off lightsabers. The only reason I got them is because they sort of swish open if you flick your wrist. The wrist flicking is so much fun. The lights are quite dim, so we’ll have to play with them in the dark. Maybe I can use night vision on the video camera?

Finally, I  have some new massage oils. One is  scented orange and cinnamon, and the other is scented lavender. After a  plane flight, a massage really relaxes your tired muscles. It’s also a great chance me to brush up on my massage giving skills. Plus, I get to shower with her afterwards, to clean ourselves up.

I think I have everything ready. Videogames to play, check. Outdoor games to play, check. Relaxing massage oils, check. I hope it will be a really fun. It’s not everyday you get Spanish pornstar Zoe Doll over for a sleepover after all. I want to make sure it will be the best weekend ever!


I still need lots of help to make sure this sleep over goes well. For instance, what videogames should I try playing? I’m still new to videogames, so which are most compatible on the PS4 for two people playing on one console?

If you have any ideas for videos you’d like to see of us, I would love to hear your suggestions. I’m planning on filming our massage, and maybe even the shower afterwards. Is there anything else you’d like to see is do together?

Finally, if you have any suggestions for must do things are sleepovers, let me know. I’m really super, super excited and any fun ideas will be appreciated!