Some people believe that guacamole is a side dish. Those people are wrong. Guacamole should be the main event, and for International Guacamole day, I’ve rounded up 5 gaming changing guacamole recipes you need to try out. 

sushi rice cakes to have with guacamole

Crisp Sushi-rice Cakes

To start things off with a bang, serve guacamole with some Crisp Sushi-Rice Cakes. These are crunchy, beautiful, and gives your dinner party and international guacamole flair. Who needs nachos? You can also serve these with smoked salmon, or fresh tuna to really give it that sushi vibe. The best part? There’s only two steps to this recipe.

chips-and-guacamole-grilled-cheese-stacked-490Guacamole Grilled Cheese

There’s a bit of a debate on what counts as a grilled cheese sandwich. Apparently, if you add other ingredients it becomes a melt, so technically speaking this is a guacamole cheese melt. Of course, when you start adding ingredients like bacon, it becomes the best sandwich ever. Go truly sugarcookie and serve it with some tomato soup.  Recipe here.

avocado salad recipe with tomatos

Avocado Pasta

This is the healthy choice for avocado enthusiast. It makes a great dish for a summer time picnic. Also fantastic for those craving a creamy rich pasta dish without all the calories. To make it truly healthy, why not try it with zucchini noodles instead of pasta? Give it the guacamole treatment by using your favourite guacamole recipe for the the sauce. There’s a million ways to vary this dish as well, so get experimenting!

Full recipe here


guacamole deviled eggs look fancy and and they're very healthy

I love deviled eggs. I think they’re fun for picnics, dinner parties, or just for snacking. They’re easy to make, you can boil the eggs in advance for quick assembly later on. Egg whites and guacamole is also a fantastically healthy dish, with protein and green. Make them cute by using quail eggs for a mini version. Make a giant centre piece at a party by using an ostrich egg.  Get the delicious deviled recipe here.

Guacamole Shrimp Ceviche

avocado shrimp ceviche stacks

Master chefs are you ready to impress? Because this recipe looks and tastes like a million dollars. It’s got fruit, it’s got shellfish, it’s got guacamole. If they stacks look too hard to assemble, you can just serve them in half avocado skins, and you can call them ceviche boats. A refreshing taste for summer, but it can’t go wrong for any other season to be honest. Find recipe here.