I’ve been mesmerised by Marymoody from Chaturbate today. This adorable Californian is a natural born camgirl and a genuine  squirter. She’s so relaxed and easygoing. Her natural charm is so strong that even when she says something that would sound a little bossy coming from another girl, it just melts your heart. She’s just so damn cute! I have no idea how she chose her name as they only mood I’ve seen is; awesome.

I’m sat watching Marymoody‘s show as I write this. I was a little bored so I went to Chaturbate. On the homepage she immediately stood out. She has an unusual look. Marymoody looks both glamorous and innocent at the same time.

In the show I watched Marymoody wore no makeup, had messy surfer hair that she kept running her hands through and a casual vest top she ties up round her waist.

She’s 24 but looks younger than that. She has the confidence of someone older but the bubbly carefree nature of someone that will always be young.

Muffin munching

One of my favourite things about Marymoody is that she’s totally cool about eating during a show.

“I don’t know why I eat on cam,” she says as she quickly takes a huge bite out a yummy looking muffin.

She also smokes with fans. And that’s one of the things that makes her so fantastic. It feels like you’re right there with her and she’s just casually hanging out with you like an old friend.

Marymoody from Chaturbate videos

Marymoody during a live show

Live-show menu

Marymoody likes to mix up her shows I believe. She doesn’t always do a countdown for example. She doesn’t offer the same menu we see repeated on most camgirl menus. Marymoody keeps it very her.

There is everything from spanking, flashes and dildo BJ’s through to more unusual things like “showing her furry armpits”.

Her party trick is her instant squirting show. I didn’t see anyone tip for this but Marymoody is a genuine squirter and a tip of 4 000 tokens will get you there anytime you like.

As well as that you can also buy her panties for a reasonable sum with lots of options available for styles and what she does in them before sending out.

Marymoody from Chaturbate’s videos

Another thing I love about Marymoody is that she makes great videos. She knows how to hold her body and her innocent yet glamorous and sexy look is uber seductive. She has her own PornHub channel with several free videos where you can see highlights of previous shows as well as a limited selection of her full videos.

They’re awesome and you should check them out right away if she’s not online. What’s more, you can purchase more videos with tokens via Chaturbate, or if you prefer, through her ManyVids or AmateurPorn accounts.

The one disappointment is that there are not more videos but Marymoody is still pretty new. Hopefully her collection will be added to over the coming months.

In a nutshell I’m definitely going to be tuning in for more of this girls shows. If I’m lucky maybe I will even run into her at a porn or camgirl event one day. I hope so. She’s just so hot.

Oh and did I tell you she knits too? OK. I should stop talking about how great she is so you can get on with checking her out yourself. Her Twitter and Instagram profile are good places to start. Follow her so you know when she’s online.