With university just starting up again, everyone’s going to parties. Cute girls and free booze in the safety of someone’s house, what more could you want? Well probably to score with one of those cute girls. Here’s some tips on how to pick up girls at a party.

The first step to pick up girls at a party is to make sure you come to the party properly dressed. However this doesn’t mean you need to show up in a shirt and tux. Instead, make sure you’ve showered just before heading out. Parties can get sweaty, so it’s good to smell fresh. Don’t douse yourself in body spray afterwards either.

A good choice of clothing is a white t-shirts and jeans. Studies show that women are more attracted to men wearing white t-shirts. The look can also be considered smart casual. Otherwise pick a plain navy shirt. Most plain t-shirts will look good, and darker colours make you look smarter. Make sure your hair is neat or styled. Even messy hair can look good, as long as it’s messy on purpose.

Get comfy and socialise

You’re at a party. That means you need to have some fun. If you go to the party with simply hooking up in mind, you’re going to have a bad time. Set yourself an area at the party, like a sofa or by the beer, and make yourself comfy. People rotate at a party, so you don’t need to worry about meeting people. They’ll come to you.

Introduce yourself to new people. You’ll find people gather in groups at a party with people they know. It’s easy to get intimidated, but it’s ok to go up and say hi. Comment on the music, or the beer, or even the weather. You can crack a few jokes to break the ice. A great way is to go up to a group with a friend, introduce yourself then introduce your friend. Conversation flows both ways, so just relax and be friendly.

Approach the girl

Once you’ve met a few people at the party and socialised, it’s time to meet some girls. The great thing about socialising before hand is that you’ll be subconsciously telling the room you’re not weird or lonely or a creep. When approaching the girl, do it with confidence.

Introduce yourself the same way you did with everyone else. Offer her a drink, or compliment her hair. The number one thing is to treat her like you would a friend. Girls are expecting guys to be pervy. That’s why it’s nice when a guy comes up and treats you like a normal person.

Of course it’s good to get her to laugh. Light flirting is also good, but you can always wait for her to start first. You can tell she likes you by studying her body language. If she smiles and laughs a lot, if she twirls her hair or casually touches your arm every now and then, these are all good signs.

You can tell if a girl is uncomfortable because she’ll be constantly glancing away, or keeping a distance from you. If you feel that a girl is uninterested, walk away from her. You can do it smoothly simply by saying “Ah sorry, I’ve just spotted a friend over there that I want to say hi to.”

Getting her number

You’ve met a girl. You’re both getting on really well. Things are heating up and you want to close the deal. How do you do it? Simply tell her. The important thing is to read the mood, if you’re sure she’s flirting with you and that there’s a mutual interest.

You can say something like “You seem like a really cool girl, and you’re friends are great too. It’d be great to meet you at some of the other parties I’m going to. If you give me your number, I can text you about any that’s going on.” A simple and casual way of getting her number.

If you think things are going really well you can always suggest going back to your place. You can be very casual about it. Suggest something like “Do you want to go to a more private party?”. Another great way to get her to come back with you is to suggest that the party is getting too loud and you should go talk somewhere more quiet. A great trick is to say “My room is just round the corner.” even if it’s not. Make it sound like it’s really close by.