Sometimes I feel my life consists of constantly moving around. This time it’s a move to Budapest, which may surprise some of you. Others will have probably put two and two together from social media. So today I’m going to explain more about the move, as well as introduce you to my new housemates!

Firstly, why Budapest? To be honest, I’m not quite sure myself. It just sort of happened. My business partner, who I’ll be introducing you to, lives here already. Along with him being here, so are lots of other pornstars, such as Candy Licious and Gina Gerson. All friends I’ve made this past year. On top of that, Budapest is home to a large network of studios and producers, it acts a sort of homing beacon for pornstars in Europe.

Work wise, it made sense to go where everyone else was going. I’m working to create more content than ever for everyone, and since I found myself flying out every month for two weeks at a time anyway, I figured why not just move here properly? If it cuts down on the amount of time I spend in airports then all the better!

Steak and Milk my cats

Another big reason is because my cats are in Budapest. Yes, I could have gotten cats in the UK. Except that no where really lets you rent a place and keep pets. I was spending a lot of time in Budapest as it was, and I think many of you guys knew I didn’t like it a lot. To help tackle my dislike for Budapest, Tinder Tommie suggested we get some cats together.

Now I feel like they’re my children. It’s so cliched. I post lots of pictures of them. I’m constantly playing and doting on them. I think if I do ever have children they’ll be fat, because I love giving them treats. The cats do have pet passports, so they can move around Europe with me if I decide to leave in the future. For now though, they’re very happy in the apartment we have here.

Pets are amazing things. My biggest motivation for getting the cats was to have company. Tinder Tommie thought they would make me happier here, and they do. They improve my mood and makes the apartment feel a lot more like home. If you can afford the time, money and space to get a pet, I highly recommend it.

Tinder Tommie

Let me introduce you to my first housemate. Tinder Tommie. Named after the fact he is a fiend on Tinder. He’s settled down a bit now, but back in June, he had more dates from Tinder than days in the week. If I get a chance, I’ll have to tell you some stories from some of the more unsuccessful dates.

I’ve known Tommie for a while now, and the fact is he’s my very important business partner. You guys might know him as The Cameraman, or The Stunt Cock. He’s actually a lot more than that. He’s the tech behind the website, the business half that helps me with things I’m not yet fully skilled to do. Tinder Tommie as important to Harriet Sugarcookie as the coding he wrote.

To answer other inevitable questions, we are not dating. We’re very close though, like siblings. In fact, we really do see each other like brother and sister. You might have noticed that I haven’t done any boy/girl scenes in a while. Part of that is because Tommie and I don’t have any physical attraction to each other, and so we don’t want to make videos together. The other part is medical related to me, and just not being ready to go back to more strenuous scenes.

Dean Van Damme

Tinder Tommie and I met Dean for the first time when he showed up to our apartment with Aletta Ocean. It was an interesting way to meet. You can of course see my scenes with Aletta Ocean here, but you won’t find Dean in them.

Since then he’s moved to Budapest from the UK, like me, and as things worked out he moved into the apartment with us. Dean is a great guy, he does porn, fitness and modelling. You might have seen him in a few scenes here and there. He’s recently helped me with a scene with Anissa Kate, the video of which will be going up very soon.

Dean is also helping me with my fitness, and trains me whenever I manage to get out of bed and make it to the gym. Recently, that hasn’t been very often. We’re not dating either. The house really feels quite full, with three people and two cats. However I’m really happy to have these wonderful guys as my housemates. It’s nice popping to the local pub in the evening after work.