Here’s part two of Leila Sugarcookie’s incredible sextape. Leila made this for me with my cameraman for Christmas. Sadly it’s the last festive video this year. This video is full of passion and one of my favourites. I can’t wait to get back to Budapest so I can play with her too.


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  • senrixd

    Sorry Harriet, I decided to unsubscribe since the last 5 videos wasn’t that great. If i wanted to see Leila, i’d subscribe to her but I paid to see you and this your site. If you’re tired or running out of ideas of filming porn videos at home, maybe change it up a bit. Try recording yourself doing public masturbation, or lesbian car sex. Something fresh and new. Anyway, when you decide to do more videos of yourself, i’ll reconsider resubbing. cheers.

    • EnterTheNexus

      Did you download some videos at least?

    • Mush

      I agree so much. The site is called “” and yet none of the videos actually involve Harriet anymore. No one who subscribed did so to see these other girls. I unsubscribed a long time ago and this is just me coming back occasionally to check if anything’s changed.

      • Don’t worry, I’ll be working to fix this this year!

      • purplepillow

        I kind of subscribed due to Yumi lol. But I totally agree.