The boxer Amir Khan sex tape leak is going viral online. Does it count as a sex tape if he’s only self pleasuring though? The tape is allegedly filmed in 2013, shortly after the muslim boxer married his wife. Other news includes more on the UK porn ban, as well as various public acts of pornography. 

An x-rated video has emerged, allegedly showing boxer Amir Khan pleasuring himself on skype with a female, presumed to be a previous fling. The footage is dated for 2013, shortly after Khan married his wife Faryal Makhdoom Khan.

Reports are claiming three more videos are currently being offered for sale to various major pornsites. There have been rumours previously of the tape proving Khan cheated on his wife.

Faryal who is American is claimed to have been “absolutely disgusted” by the video, sources told The Sun. 

The couple have been rocky since Faryal posted a photo on Instagram in which her clothes are blocked by her hair, making it seem like she was naked. Khan’s muslim family were shocked and upset by his wife’s behaviour. Her Instagram account has more photos of her in revealing outfits.

Faryal has had social media upsets with Khan’s family before, accusing them of bullying, her via snapchat. Sources close to Khan say the timing for the sex tape could not be worse.


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Khan has taken to social media as well, using humour on twitter to navigate the scandal. His fans are not upset by the sex tape, but are instead joining in on the joke.

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Daily Star interview me on UK Porn laws

This week I was interviewed by the Daily Star on the topic of the new porn laws in Britain. Although the topic is slightly old news, it’s great that there are more media outlets willing to show different sides to the story.

Although the UK porn laws have been in the media, the more serious consequences have yet to be really discussed. The article discusses the surveillance privileges the UK government are implementing as well as their increase in censorship for their citizens.

It is in my firm opinion that the government should stay out of people’s bedrooms. The new laws give them the power to judge others, and decide what is morally acceptable to watch and what isn’t.

The new laws will affect business in the UK, hitting independent producers the hardest. Others that support the industry, such as makeup artists, cameramen and video editors are also affected.

Finally it shows the hypocrisy of the laws only affecting some sites and not others. Twitter will not be made to comply to the new laws, although an abundance of x-rated content is available for anyone to find on it.

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Atheists shoot secret porn inside church

Dutch porn star Kim Holland is apologising for recording a porn video inside the confessional corner of St. Jozef’s church in Holland. She and her atheist producer explain they believed the church to be a “very ordinary place” and did not expect the response from locals.

The pastor of the church is in shock. She believes it is not an appropriate place for such acts. She is also confused by how they managed to get into the church. “The gate is only open a few hours a day.” she claims.

The church has since closed briefly to allow a cleansing service using holy water.

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