Here are 5 girly things it’s totally ok for men to do. Men and women have a lot of stereotypes, and whilst it’s ok for women to do “manly things”, there’s a lot of fear of ridicule for men to do womanly things. However there are tons of girly things it’s totally ok for men to do. Do them with pride!

cocktail at tikki barDrinking fruity cocktails

I was only aware of the concept of “girly” drinks and “manly” drinks thanks to JD from scrubs ordering his infamous Appletini. As a girl, I didn’t realise I had such free range over which cocktails I could order. On the one hand, no one bats an eye if a girl orders a beer. Yet some men will feel insecure over ordering a “sex on the beach”.
Girly cocktails are generally sweeter and lighter coloured. They involve fruity ingredients and are considered weaker alcohol wise. In my opinion, they’re a lot tastier, and you can get much more interesting flavour combinations.

My male friends constantly order the girly drinks when we go out. We all like fruity cocktails. A good bartender won’t care what you order. I’ve noticed a trend in many bars and restaurants now that give their cocktails quirky or fun names, which helps reduce the stereotyping of which gender the drink belongs to.

Sitting down to pee

For a long time, I didn’t realise men didn’t sit down to pee. I knew that they could stand up to pee, because I’d seen boys at school dare each other to pee in the bush. I assumed they would only stand to pee when they had no other option and were desperate.

It was then to my great surprise to find many men feel it’s weird to sit down to pee. Is it a girly thing? Yes, girls need to sit down and men don’t. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t. 

It’s been explained to me that sometimes when you sit down to pee, the tip of the penis can touch the bowl of the toilet, sending a shiver down your body. However surely men sit down to poop and would have this same problem?

Sitting down to pee is great. You don’t need to worry about aiming. You can take your time. You’ll feel more incentive to wipe afterwards. Surely wiping is a good thing after peeing? Because you might have missed a drop, and who wants to walk around with pee stains on their underwear?

Taking baths

Another divide in the bathroom between men and women, is the subject of having a bath. There was a whole episode in which Chandler discovers the joy having a relaxing bubble bath can bring.

Yes bubbles, scented candles, bath salts and many other things can be considered as girly. But they feel great. Relaxing in a wonderful ambience, letting the water wash away the tension in your body, it feels amazing!

Men don’t have to always be efficient and practical with their showers. Spas are created purely for female cliental either. There’s a strange idea that pampering yourself is something exclusive for men, but I think that it’s totally ok for guys to treat their body occasionally.

Getting Facials

On the subject of pampering, get yourself a facial. By facial I mean a scrub, mask or moisturiser for your face. Getting a facial is another way of pampering yourself by treating your body with care.

There’s so many types of facials as well. From exfoliating scrubs, to a rejuvenating moisture mask, there’s so many ways to make your face feel good. It works wonders on your skin, and makes your overall appearance look better.

We want men to be good looking, but we don’t want to let them treat themselves or care for their skin openly. You know who had amazing skin? Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. Ignoring his serial killer streak, that man had a fantastic skin care routine.

Liking girly music

Girly music includes things such as musicals, Shania Twain, Taylor Swift and love ballads. But the fact is, good music is good music. Who cares if the singer is female and singing about love?

I once met a guy who could sing all Taylor Swift songs, and sing them with pride. His talent at karaoke didn’t make me think of him less as man, but instead more of a legend. Another friend of mine sings along to Frozen with his children, and as far as I’m concerned, anyone who is able to relate and have fun with children is a-ok!

Yet it goes beyond girly music. What about rom-coms? Guys are allowed to like those too you know. Guys are allowed to get excited about love. Giggling and getting excited when your crush texts you is cute.

The word cute is often seen as a negative when directed at a guy. I don’t think it should be. If a girl says “Oh check out that guy, he’s a real cutie!” it can only be a good thing.