Harriet asked me to post Leila Sugarcookie’s latest video so I could tell you more about her. I met Leila on one of my visits to England, of course on Tinder, it’s how I got my annoying nickname. We met for drinks and dinner but as I was staying with friends there was no time to take things further than that. We continued to message each other and although she has no desire to enter the porn business, she liked the idea of making videos with us. And so I found myself nervously waiting at Budapest airport waiting for Leila to arrive. 



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The first thing you notice about Leila Sugarcookie is that she’s incredibly stylish. All her clothes are well thought out and she looks very elegant. Almost like she’s famous. If it wasn’t for internet dating I would probably be afraid of approaching a girl with her look.

Leila would be the first person to say that she doesn’t look very approachable. She calls it her “resting bitch face”. Apparently that’s a thing.

Then when you speak to her she’s so chilled out and easy-going. It’s so effortless to talk with her. She’s intelligent, driven, creative and funny. All things I love.

I think the lesson is that maybe as guys if we’re scared of approaching a girl, every other guy is probably afraid too, so maybe those girls are more approachable?

So Leila Sugarcookie and had a coffee and got a taxi back home. It was very late at night when we arrived home and after she settled in and had a shower and cup of tea it was already time for bed.

There was definitely some sexual tension between us. We’d been texting each other a lot about our sexual preferences, she’d shared some very intimate videos with me. But somehow I felt more comfortable sleeping in a separate bed even though she invited me.

I regretted it as soon as my head hit the pillow. I couldn’t stop thinking about what we’d do the next day. I hardly slept at all that night.

The next day we got ready and went for breakfast. It was a nice place so it felt like a date. And it was fun to flirt about what was coming when we got home.

At home Leila likes to be comfortable so she slipped into some lounge clothes as we spoke about what it’s like to make videos. I told her that really she shouldn’t worry. Let’s just be ourselves and try to forget about the camera.

If you’ve ever filmed your own sex life you know how difficult it is to get started. There’s just nothing sexy about pushing buttons on a camera. And you have to keep in mind, this is a girl I’ve been on dates with and we were about to film our first sexual experience together.

You can imagine how this might be a bit awkward. But with Leila Sugarcookie it wasn’t at all.

We talked a little and then it just sort of happened. She came towards me and kissed me so deeply. She’s so passionate and full of enthusiasm. I can honestly say she’s my favourite sexual partner. She likes all the things I like. We just sort of gelled.

I won’t go into the details, you can watch what happened between us here. But if you want me to tell you more about Leila, please leave questions in the comments or on the forum and I will respond or write new blog posts in future.