The idea that masturbating at work could decrease productivity has been debunked by psychologists. It’s considered to instead help improve efficiency and decrease stress and tension at work. Here’s why you should masturbate at work and how to do it.

There’s an idea that if you abstain from physical release you’ll be able to perform better at sports, work and other activities by redirecting your sexual energy has been around since Ancient Greece.

Philostratus wrote “Those who come to the gymnasium straight after sex are exposed by a greater number of indicators when they train, for their strength is diminished and they are short of breath and lack daring in their attacks, and they fade in colour in response to exertion, and they can be detected by signs of that sort,”

However it’s been pointed out that there’s been no hard science to back up the claim. In fact, the opposite has been established in the scientific communities for a while now. By not masturbating, you let your sexual tension build up which can distract you from focusing on other tasks.

Why masturbating at work is good

Masturbation can be compared to mediating. You open your mind and release the sexual tension, creating space for your brain to concentrate on other things.

It’s good for your creativity and has shown to increase drive for getting jobs done. There’s also the obvious impact that being less stressed at work would have.

Mark Sergeant, a senior lecturer in psychology at Nottingham Trent believes that workers would be more driven to complete tasks if they are able to look forward to a masturbation break. It can be considered a reward to work for.

On top of that a masturbation break could also help relieve boredom, or offer a sense of escape when work gets too much. It would allow the worker to come back feeling refreshed and re-focused.

How to masturbate at work

When asked if people have ever masturbated at work, over 50% admitted to having at least tried it once, with 21% doing it regularly. Masturbating at work has also been shown in popular media, such as the film “Wolf on Wallstreet”. 40% of New Yorkers were also found to confess to masturbating at work.

It sounds so unprofessional though, so how do they do it? The answer is locked bathroom cubicles. Masturbating at work can be considered the same as taking a smoking break. Plus people don’t really wonder if you’ve spent the last minute in the bathroom jacking off or having a poo.

Some people have replied that they’ve masturbated at their desk, normally if they’ve worked over time and are the last one in the office. Other’s have been sneakily going to the storage room, or other rarely used rooms.

Is it ok to masturbate at work?

There’s a big stigma against the idea of getting off in the workplace. Many believe it’s unprofessional as well as unfair to your fellow work colleagues. I believe however it should be considered the same as using a normal bathroom break.

If you’re masturbating in front of your work colleagues in the office, it’s going to be inappropriate and you’ll probably get escorted to HR. But you’re no more likely to do that than to empty your bowls in front of them at your desk either.

Inside the bathroom is a private place that also handily has tissues and access to a wash basin and soap. If done discreetly, there should be no reason why you can’t masturbate on your work break.

The only thing to consider is you’ll be more frustrated if you are unable to climax. This would increase your sexual tension which would decrease your focus and productivity.