Is it ever ok to send a dick pic? Will the woman you send it to like it? How can you take a dick pic that she’ll actually like? The territory of dick pics can be a tricky area to navigate, but there are certainly ways you can improve your dick pic game and Harriet Sugarcookie is here to help you with it. 

First and most importantly is to chose who you send your penis portrait to. A lot of women get unwanted photos of men’s genitals. Sending a dick pic to a girl who doesn’t want it is a dick move. There are however appropriate times to send a cheeky shot to someone. If you know the recipient wants to see a photo of your penis, and you have both agreed to it before hand, go ahead and start taking some photos!

Framing the dick pic

My biggest personal problem with the majority of penis photos sent by men, is that the framing is all wrong. There is one specific type of photo that almost everyone insists on sending. It’s a close up picture of the erect penis. Maybe a bit of leg. Sometimes the penis is being held. But the entire photo is taken up by the penis, with very little else to look at.

I understand why men take these kind of photos. It’s to make their penis look as large as possible. If you’re proud of your manhood, then it makes sense that you want the photo to focus on it. However these photos often come across as lazy and unappealing.

Example of bad framing :

bad framing of the banana penis

I actually admit, I found it hard to take a really bad dick pic, on the account of not having a penis. I had to hold my prop penis with my hand, and that instantly upgrades the picture. A truly bad dick picture not have hands or leg or feet in the frame.

A well framed photo takes into consideration the rest of the body. You don’t have to show all of your body, but adding other parts, more leg, hands, torso ect gives more to the photo and also tells the woman more about yourself.

Imagine it like a photo of breasts, would you prefer a photo of a close up of just the boob, nothing else, or a photo of the breasts in an angle that also shows the stomach and shoulders and neck?

Example of good framing:

example of better framing of the banana penis

Note the hand is shown better in this photo. Women are very attracted to men’s hands, so make sure you take a few photos that include them!

Experiment with lighting and filters

Like any good photo, it’s ok to play around with lighting and filters. You can get really creative and arty using shadows and poses. Filters are also great, and aren’t limited to selfies on Instagram.  My example photos aren’t so great as I took the pictures at night time – natural daylight is your best bet at taking good photos. However don’t be afraid to try out new things and play around.

penis banana shadow

A lot can be said about someone who’s put in time, effort and consideration into their photo. Women are more likely to appreciate the photo, simply for the work you’ve put in to create something for her. It can also be a great outlet for your creativity.

Here’s an example of the subtle difference adding a filter can make:

Extra tips

  • Don’t put objects next to your penis to compare it, especially not a ruler.
  • Don’t just flop it on a counter top
  • Do consider wearing some clothes in your photo, as it teases the rest of your body
  • Do consider keeping it in your pants, and simply showing the outline of your erection to tease her

Here are few extra photos to set as examples, and you can decide for yourself which ones look better. Can you spot which are good dick pics, and which are bad? Decide for yourself if you think these tips help or not, but be sure to experiment yourself until you find something you’re happy and proud of.