Is there a steamier room to have sex in? The answer is both no, both metaphorically and literally. Having sex in the bathroom is fun, adventurous, a little bit risky and clean. There is however a right and wrong way to do it. This is how you have sex in the bathroom.

First of all, sex in the bathroom is unlike sex in any other room. That’s not to sound dramatic, but it’s true. The kitchen, living room, dinning room – they’re all fun places but they’re all relatively similar.

The bathroom has the added addition of a bath tub/shower and incorporates water into your antics. At least it should involve water, because who has sex in the bathroom and doesn’t switch the taps on?

Whereas the other rooms can spontaneous, the bathroom session should be planned out. This is the room you go to for seduction and romance. It’s one of the best rooms to become more intimate with your partner for this very reason.

Lights, Candles, Action!

Candles are romantic. If you ever want to use candles to up the romance levels, the bathroom is the place to do it. Why? Most bathrooms are decorated in light colours, making candles look much more effective. It’s also the room least likely to catch fire should you have any accidents.

Candles should be used if you’re going to use the bath tub. Shower sex is also fantastic, but that’s not really a candle affair.

I’m a fan of scented candles, but you don’t need to splash out (no pun intended) this time because there’s many other ways to scent the bathroom. For instance you can use scented bath bubbles.

If you’re going to have sex in a bathtub, you should definitely invest in bubble bath. Candles and bubbles = instant romantic evening, without taking much effort or money. Play some sexy music, such as jazz or slow R&B to really put things in the mood.

Slow and steady wins the race

When it comes to romancing someone, slow and steady wins the race. The best bathroom sex I’ve had is when we take the time to relax, enjoy ourselves and really explore each other’s bodies.

For the ultimate romantic bathroom sex session, here’s a few things you should have prepared

  • Bathtub filled with bubbles, make sure the water’s not too hot
  • Mood lighting from candles or dimmed lights
  • Glasses of wine by the bathtub, or other drink of choice
  • Classy romantic music
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Soap

Start off by slowly stripping your partner. Take your time, and kiss them as you go along. Kiss along their body as you take their clothes off, one by one. Have them do the same for you.

I believe the guy should go into the bath tub first. This is because the most intimate position to start off in is for the girl to be sat in the lap of the guy, like spooning but sitting in a bathtub.

In this position you can let the girl relax, stretch out her legs and just get really comfortable. Offer her the wine to drink, massage her shoulders a bit of just relax with her.

Touching your partner under the water is very erotic. Their skin should feel more slippery thanks to the bubble bath. You can use the soap and run it along them. The aim isn’t to get clean, but rather to add a sensuous touch to relax and excite your partner.

I’ve actually had my hair washed by my partner before, and I can tell you it feels amazing. It feels like you’re being pampered, and it’s also very sexy to have hands run along the back of your neck and through your hair.

You can from this position kiss your partner’s neck and shoulders from behind. Your arms can wrap around them and massage their breasts, or sneak down and play with their clitoris. She should be melting in your arms.

Sex positions

From the spooning position, your partner should be able to slide herself around so that she’s facing you, her body slipping between your legs. This is where the bubble bath really comes in handy since it makes moving and changing positions a lot more fluid.

From here you have a few options. The girl can straddle you and ride you from that position. It will give you the perfect access to her breasts to suck on.

You can also slip down a bit into a lying position, and let the girl move over your face. From this position you are able to give her oral sex. It’s very useful that you find a comfortable position with your head supported for this.

If you stand up or sit up on a ledge if there is one, she can bend down on all fours and give you head. Unfortunately the bathtub is not the place for 69.

From the spooning position the girl can bend forwards and you can move into doggy position.

Sex in the shower

Sex in the shower is very different to sex in the bathtub. When I think of sex in the bathtub I think of evening, something slow and sensuous. When I think of sex in the shower, I think of morning and something faster and more wild.

Doing it in the shower can be very convenient. Both partners are standing up, and you can have sex in a standing missionary pose, or from behind. Use the wall to brace your partner up against for support. It is advised to bring in lube, because water washes away natural lubricant.

Don’t forget to make use of the shower head. A high power shower head can give the most amazing stimulation, more than many sex toys in fact. Don’t put the shower head directly onto the body, but instead hold it about an inch or two away from her, letting the water jets do the work.

The shower is also a much easier place for the girl to give head in. To make it more comfortable, but a towel or something on the floor to cushion her knees. You can of course return the favour, although the position isn’t as natural.