Kite Print and Stephen Hawking time travel experiment

Time Travelers Poster by Kite Print

Check out this awesome poster I found while browsing reddit. I looked into it, and the story behind it is insane. Want to help Professor Stephen Hawking prove whether time travel exists?

It all started years ago. World-renowned physicist, Stephen Hawking devised an ingenious experiment to prove if it’s possible to travel back through time.

The experiment was simple. He would throw a party for time travelers but he wouldn’t invite anyone until after the party had finished. That way he could be sure that anyone that attended was definitely a time traveler.

So British designer, Peter Dean – with the approval of Professor Hawking – created a collection of beautiful letterpress printed posters advertising Hawking’s party for time travelers. I’ve personally always been fascinated by typography, and I think it’s an interesting choice for the poster. Why make it so simple? Why not put on big eye-catching pictures? I guess it’s because the poster is an invitation, and no one puts huge pictures in their invitations right?

Yup, this poster is an invitation to all time travelers. Now I know, some of you are going to say “well he had that party and no one showed up so it’s failed.” But the way I see it is this, we need to spread the word. The more people that have the invitation hung up on their wall, in their store or wherever – the higher the chance a time traveler will see it. Maybe no time travelers have seen it yet, and we need to do our part.

Of course, that still doesn’t actually explain why no one went to his party – unless we’re in the wrong time line. We’re in the originally time line that the invitation was sent out, and any party where time travelers went back in time is in a different universe/time line that split once they made that decision. I’d like to think that’s what happened, and that somewhere in the infinite timelines there’s a Stephen Hawking that had people show up to his party.

For that reason, I’ve ordered my own poster an it’ll be featuring in the background to some of my future videos, in the hopes that a time traveler browsing porn sees it! I feel like I’m in a sci-fi book. Join me in the adventure by getting one too!

The original limited edition letterpress prints have sold out but Peter has made it easy for everyone to take part. He’s made very high quality screen prints of the poster available. I wish I knew about it before to get an original.

All we have to do to take part in this real life time travel experiment is to put the posters on our walls and hope that one day they get to the right people. I’ve just ordered mine and it looks like The Late Show have one too. Visit Kite’s website to order yours and let’s do some science.