Sex is great. Everyone agrees with that. But what do you after sex, when things have died down and you’re both left sweaty and tired? Guys, there are something things you should definitely be doing after sex, and I’m going to tell you what they are.

Everyone thinks that it’s the part before sex that’s awkward. It reality, it’s the part after sex that can be most awkward. Before sex, you’re both pumped up and horny so you don’t notice small silly things, you’re too busy stripping each other. After sex, if you don’t know what to do, it can be really weird.

Do you hug? Do you run off to the toilet to clean up? What about the fact there’s a wet patch on the bed that you have to awkwardly lie around.? Also what exactly do you talk about post sex? Surely it’s ok if we just had a quick nap…

Physical Affection after sex

It’s super important that you show physical affection after sex. This is the first priority. Why? Because after sex a girl can feel vulnerable, and you want to make her feel safe and secure. Especially if you want to have sex again in the future.

If you don’t show physical affection post coitus, it can come across as cold. The girl might feel used, or that you were only interested in her for her body.

How do you show affection? It’s simple. Firstly you can simply touch her. Spooning is  great way to cuddle and make the girl feel wanted. It’s also a great position for napping in if you’re really tired.

If you’re too hot and sweaty for full on cuddling, then there’s still lots of ways to show physical affection. You can stroke her hair, kiss her neck and shoulders or just lightly run your hands over her body as you lie close to her.

Finally, try having a bubble bath after sex. It’s a great way to be skin to skin with your partner, wash off the sweat and also be super romantic.

Verbal Affection

Whilst being physically affectionate is important, it’s just as important to show your affection verbally. Everyone likes being complimented. This is the time for pillow talk, and yes it’s cheesy.

But it’s also a really great way to bond with your partner. Couples that talk after sex and give each other verbal affection have a stronger relationship. People are at their most intimate right after sex, making it the perfect time to open up to each other.

It’s not just about compliments either. You can talk about other topics, although light casual topics are best. No one wants to talk politics right after sex after all!

This is also the perfect time to tell them you really liked that thing they did earlier during sex. It’s good to tell your partner when they’re doing something right, it makes them feel better and it increases the chances of them doing it again in the future.