I was recently “inspired” by this post on GQ on how to date Bella Hadid. Although the original article is fun, with very sexy pictures, I think it does a terrible job of explaining how you’d actually date Bella Hadid. So I’m going to make a clear and simple guide on how to date Harriet Sugarcookie, including sexy photos!

Little known fact about girls, we constantly tell each other what our perfect dates would be. We gossip about boys and dates we’ve been on pretty much every time we meet up. I’m pretty sure I could plan the perfect date for any one of my friends.

It seems silly then that the boys we talk about have no clue exactly what it is we’d like from a date. In fact, I’ve had some terrible dates that I’ve made me really think “wow, did I come across as the sort of girl that would enjoy this?” so now I’m compiling a very clear and simply guide on how to date me.

1) Love food

This is going to be a no brainer for most of you; I’m an unapologetic food-a-holic. A date with me should definitely involve food at some point in time, and it should probably be the main point of the date.

That’s pretty easy right? We could go for lunch, dinner, have a picnic, or cook at home. The options are limitless. Here’s something you probably didn’t know though, I can be pretty picky with first dates.

I don’t know why. I think the first date is important because it’s when you make all your first impressions. The easiest way to get a date with me in the first place is to suggest going somewhere I want to eat. No lie, that’s the number one reason I agree to meet someone from Tinder or other online dating sites.

They say the key to a man’s heart is through is stomach, so I guess I’m like a man in that respect. I’m pretty sure my heart is located in my stomach. I’ve thought more than once it’d be nice to date a chef, bonus points if he works in a Japanese eatery.

Ok Japanese food is officially my favourite kind.

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2) Find a florist

It’s super cliched but I love flowers. I do, I adore them. I’ve often bought them for myself, they’re beautiful, they smell nice and they brighten up my day. So someone who’s going to show up with flowers has already won a jackpot of brownie points.

But very few guys do this anymore. Why is that? Is it because it’s overplayed in movies? Too cheesy? As a girl who grew up devouring Mills & Boons romance novels, I can say very strongly that following the script of a rom-com would pretty much win me over.

In that sense, it’s pretty easy to date me right? If you want specifics on what type of flowers? I’m not sure, I like most of them. A bouquet of roses might be a little too cliched though. I’m a fan of arrangements, especially simple ones focused on the colour white, with wild flowers thrown in.

My favourite flower? I don’t have one. Oh but if you wanted to get something that lasts a bit longer, I’m a fan of Venus fly traps, but not cactuses.

3) Nothing else is really as important

I’ve been thinking about it and those two things would pretty much set you up as a great date. Eat good food, bring me flowers. Wow that was simple! But since I know some people probably want more info, I’ve made a quick reference list.

  • Be clean – guys why would you show up to a date smelling bad?
  • Dress well – Girls put in a ton of effort to look good and first impressions go a long way, so make sure you dress for the occasion and put a bit of effort into your hair too guys!
  • Manners Maketh Man – and Kingsman was a fantastic film too, but seriously, be polite and gentlemanly guys
  • Be yourself – don’t try and impress a girl by doing things you wouldn’t normally do, a girl should like you for you. If you pretend to be something you’re not, it’d never work out long term anyways.
  • Be passionate about something – so when it comes to conversation, we don’t need to have a ton of things in common. I love listening to people who are really passionate about something, and it’s fun to listen to them.
  • I’m nervous too – if you’re nervous, don’t forget I’m nervous too!