If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know that I post daily photos of myself in the mirror. Most of the time I’m just in my underwear, because let’s face it, those pictures are cute, but I’ve been shopping a lot more recently too. I figured it’s about time I put them all together for you guys to enjoy! Here’s my look of the day photoset.

The photos started in Budapest, because for some reason our apartment only has one mirror. In the whole place. It’s not even in my bedroom. It’s in the hallway. So yes, every day I stand in my underwear or look of the day outfit in the hallway and take photos.

This is normally fine, but there’s been a few times that the cleaner, a housemate or even someone from the “office” (which is our dining room) has walked by. Obviously they understand that I do this for social media, but it’s still funny. I think they’ve got used to it a lot more!

I really like these photos as a set, because you can see me in all sorts of different ways. First thing in the morning when my hair is all messy. Or days when I’ve put make-up on and I’m dressed up to go out.

The shopping photos are also a new edition, and I know that Instagram likes them a lot. Thank you to everyone who’s been following me and commenting on there too! I’ve never been very good at working Instagram but I think I’ve got the hang of it now. It’s really awesome reading all the nice comments and support you’ve all been sending my way.

Which of these photos do you like? What sort of photos would you like to see in the future? Let me know so that I can take lots more in the future for you. Finally, definitely make sure you follow me if you don’t already!

Look of the day photos