In the world of fetishes, where “if it it exists, there is porn of it”, some practices seem to be practiced by everyone, while others are harder to stumble upon. In my quest to try everything under the sun, I got curios about sploshing, which is the fun practice of getting your partner wet and messy.

Think of playing with your food. You’ve always been told not to do it, as a child. But how about if you did it with a boyfriend or girlfriend and it turned into a lot of fun, with giggles and pie included.

Sploshing is not one of the most common practices in fetishism. People who are drawn to it enjoy the tactile sensations of having something wet on their body or seeing other people get messy. They might even want to contribute to getting someone else getting sloshed.

There are also two core desires that drive people to want to pie, get their partner wet or eat off of someone’s body. The first can be the actual sensations which you can either love to no end or completely dislike.

I thought I was going to hate it, because I have an obsession with not getting myself dirty or stained. But once I actually tried it, I discovered it was so much fun that I couldn’t wait to do it again. Not to mention that I have not yet met a person who did not find the idea of eating something off a naked body to be appealing.

The second drive is the humiliation part. For someone who loves to be humiliated by a partner, being covered in various substances and laughed at while their hair is full of pie, pasta or whipped cream and honey can be incredibly arousing.

Most of the people that have practiced sploshing have all told me that the main pleasure was the unique sensation and the thought that they were doing something naughty.

As for me, my first sploshing experience was quite unexpected and so much fun! I was visiting a couple of friends and at one point they told me they had this incredibly slimy gel that they could pour into an inflatable bathtub and roll around in.

I confess I was extremely skeptical at first. I usually dislike getting stuff on my body and try to keep myself as clean as possible. But I discovered the gel had no smell at all and was, as promised, very slippery and slimy. So me and an anonymous, incredibly sexy lady, took off our clothes and hopped in.

We were immediately drenched in the fluid. At first, I was very concerned it might get into my hair and for some reason. But as soon as I managed to relax and just focus on how amazing the sensation was, I didn’t care. I didn’t care there was slimy fluid in my hair, my ears and everywhere below.

But the best part was touching another person. It did not feel the same way. It felt more intimate, the sensation was silky and magnetic, like my hands were stuck to her. Partly that came from the fact that my hands really where sticking to her, due to the fluid. It felt naughty and hot, even more so when we started sliding one over the other and splashing all over the tub.

At the time, it had not occurred to me that what we did was called sploshing until I wanted to film a video with the wet and messy practice much later.

And tomorrow, for the first time, I will be pieing my very first person. I will probably be using shaving foam, which is a lot easier to clean up that sugar-based cake, but I suspect it will be just as fun. Especially because now I am an adult and I can damn well play with my food, if I choose to.

  • nombril joli

    So how did your pieing experience go? Fun, I’m sure :) Did you pie a man or a woman? What was the setting and scene like? And was it purely fun or did you feel any arousal from the situation or the act of pieing someone? I’ve never pied anyone but have smashed pie in my own face in private several times to see what it would be like. I wrote some long comments to Harriet about my longtime preoccupation with this in response to her post on the topic: Would love to hear back about what the experience was like for you!

  • nombril joli

    Thanks very much for this post! As a guy with a longtime fascination for pieing it was fun to read. So how did your experience of pieing someone go, was it fun? Did you pie a guy or a girl and under what situation or setting? And was it simply fun in a messy playful way for you or arousing too? Were you pied in return? I’ve had whipped cream smeared on my face by a girlfriend but haven’t been pied by anyone, although I’ve smashed several pies in my own face in private just to see what it would be like. I wrote to Harriet about it after she posted on sploshing and you can see my rather lengthy comments to her here: