For those of you who follow me on social media, you’ll know that I’ve had Jimena Lago over for the weekend. Our super awesome sleepover of awesome sexy stuff was a huge hit. I can’t wait to show you guys what Jimena and I got up to!

The sleepover starts with Jimena arriving at Budapest airport and me not being able to find her. Her plane arrived an hour ago, but I can’t find her. I think “Oh no, what if she missed her flight?” and my calls to her phone don’t connect.

I do however find her. She has somehow lost her phone between leaving her house and arriving in Budapest. She has bought a new phone and we head back to my place. Since it’s Friday night, we go out for dinner.

I take Jimena Lago to a nice little french place, but for some reason we are sat downstairs right next to the fiddlers and spend the rest of the night shouting at each other over the sound of Hungarian folk music.

When we get back home I introduce her to Overwatch. It’s a fantastic Friday night.

Kissing on the Big Wheel

Saturday morning comes bright and early. Jimena looks so pretty in the mornings, but she wouldn’t let me take any photos of her bed hair. I tried though. We go to a breakfast place around the corner from my house. I ask for a “New York Breakfast’ which involves french toast, bacon and eggs. Jimena pics ham and eggs.

After breakfast we head back to my house because there’s something about maple syrup that makes girls really horny. But also because Jimena Lago is a super sexy vixen who kept playing footsie with me under the table.

After exercising off our breakfast, it was time for Jimena and I to get some more calories in us. It was a “go big or go home” moment when we ordered the “Funky Shake” from a donut shop that had recently opened in the centre. The milkshake itself tasted so-so, but the insane presentation made it completely worth buying at least once.

Jimena got a “brownie” version instead of donuts, but everyone knows donuts are the best. Afterwards we were in a weird sugar high and decided to get even higher by taking a big wheel ride.

I share a kiss with Jimena Lago at the top of the wheel and it’s super romantic. I also decide that I don’t like ferris wheels, and concede that I may be slightly afraid of height. At least, heights from a rocking metal tin you’re trapped in.

Dinner and the start of the silly sleepover weekend

Things have been going pretty smoothly up to this point. I think the milkshake and the donuts has sent sugar straight to our heads. The rest of the weekend ends up being pretty silly. First of all there’s the video we make, which involves a lot of being silly.

It starts off at dinner. By this time you would think that the sugar in our bodies would have left already, but we manage to disturb the whole restaurant by taking stupid snapchat photos and falling about laughing over them. Dinner is delicious however, and luckily no fiddler’s tonight. Except Jimena Lago, who’s hands constantly slip under the table.

Super Silly Sunday

Sunday continues to be silly and fun. Jimena and I have an informal contest where we try and see who can make the other laugh louder. She dons various wigs from my collection and poses in seductive ways with Dean Van Damme who is our male volunteer for the weekend.

I play out scenes from various iconic movies every time we try and do something sexy. It’s a perfect way to spend your Sunday. For dinner we go to a rotisserie which is nice and full of protein, not that Jimena needs much more of that. All in all it was a really fantastic weekend. I have so much fun whenever Jimena Lago and I meet up, I can’t wait to show you the videos we made together!

Ahaha @jimena_lago joining in my daily underwear pic! Heheheh #friendsplaywitheachothernaked

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