Tina Kay is the best. My weekend with Tina Kay was the best. It was so good, I’m not sure I can even show you. A sort of “you had to be there” thing. But I’m going to try and make it so can feel as if you were there as much as possible. 

The weekend starts off normally. I spill water on my shorts, and pray to God it dries up before Tina arrives. So far so good Harriet. Luckily I didn’t spill any on the fortune tellers I’m making. Fortune tellers are oragami toys that everyone at school used to make. I thought it would be a fun twist to put in lots of date ideas and let Tina and fate decide our plans for the weekend.

Tina Kay arrives!

Tina Kay arrives at the apartment I have booked for the weekend. It’s nicer than the one I live in, and has this amazing jacuzzi bath tub I want to make use of. You might recognise it from when I stayed there with Leila Sugarcookie.

Tina is much taller in person than I was expecting, especially when she wears her heels. She’s stunning however. Also very chilled. My feelings of nervousness disappear immediately and I think to myself “this is going to be an amazing weekend.”

We click almost instantly. Tina exudes this confidence that is both sexy and charming. We sit on the sofa, drink tea and coffee respectively, and learn more about each other. She mentions that she has almost no limits when it comes to sex, and upon checking her triple anal video online, I believe her.

We mess around for a while, and one thing leads to another. Before long we are both on the bed kissing, touching, licking. Together we manage to work up quite the sweat. It gives me the perfect reason to show her where the jacuzzi is, although I forgot to buy bath bubbles.

Fortune Teller dates

The fortune tellers I made out of origami come out. Tina has never seen them before, which is crazy to me, since everyone at school made them. It’s not an asian thing either, I went to a mostly white school.

Tina first picks out “Cocktail tasting” which is exactly what everyone wanted. We all cheer. Then she picks “Pool and darts” which is equally fun. The third and fourth choices are “Lancelot Dinner” and “Food Market” – although full disclosure, we do neither of these things.

We decide to get ready to go for cocktails at the Four Seasons hotel. It’s one of my favourite places for cocktails, and we also book a table for dinner. Tina wears a very short and sexy dress. I decide to stay wearing sweatpants and a tank top. I know it’s much too casual for a fancy dinner, but I’m enjoying feeling comfortable.


Sat inside at the bar, we order our first round of drinks. We play a fun game with the bartender, who asks us 3 questions. Based on our answers, he makes us a special cocktail. I get told off because apparently “bed” isn’t a valid answer to the question “where is your favourite location”.

The cocktails that come out are very nice, and soon round 1 turns into round 2, and round 3. We finally manage to get to our table for dinner, after about 2 and a half hours of solid cocktail tasting. Dinner is delicious.

"Don't kiss me, you've got lipstick on. But you can lick me, that's ok." #rulesoflipstick #dontkissandtell #lickingisok

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Tina cheats at pool

By the time we make it to the pool and darts hall, we are all pretty drunk. Dinner involved several more cocktails as well as a bottle of wine. The halls are almost full, and we get a pool table at the end of the room. This proves to be extremely helpful as Tina isn’t wearing panties, and every time she takes a shot she flashes to the whole world.

Dean Van Damme and myself spend the night playing a game of “block everyone from seeing Tina Kay’s vagina”. We only half succeed and before I know it most of the other tables are filled with men.

Tina also cheats a lot in pool. Making use of her commando status, she constantly tried distracting me from my own shots. That, combined with how drunk we were, made our first game last about 2 hours. I still won though.

Sunday funday

Sunday is beautiful and sunny. Tina Kay, myself and Dean Van Damme are all extremely hungover. Our plans to go to the Food Market in the centre of Budapest are foiled as it’s closed on Sundays. Instead we have very slow, sensual frolicking.

I got to wear my new bikini though, which was always a bonus. However we were all too tired to go back into the jacuzzi. But don’t worry the videos we made were super amazing, and I can’t wait to show you guys!