One of the first friends I made in the porn industry is German pornstar Anny Aurora. I met her the first time I went to the AVNs and we have been friends ever since! It’s been a long year and a half since I last saw her, and having our reunion in Budapest has been fantastic.

Anny Aurora and I met ages ago at the AVNs. I already knew about her before, as one of my close friends is a huge fan of hers. Meeting her in person was fantastic though, and we’ve stayed friends since then. She even did a really lovely interview for me at the 2016 AVNs.

German Pornstar Anny Aurora has been really busy lately, she’s always travelling around the world for work. She spends more times travelling than I do! That’s why it was amazing that we finally had some time in our schedule to finally meet up outside of conventions.

I invited her to Budapest for a few days, just to catch up and see a few sights. Anny has visited Budapest before so we didn’t need to do all the normal tourist things. Of course, having her in Budapest gave us a great excuse to shoot some naughtier videos…

Did you manage to see us on Instagram live? Thank you to everyone who watched us and asked us questions! I’ll have to remember to save the video next time.

Woman in Red

I was very surprised to find out that Anny has changed her hair colour back to blonde. I had always assumed she was a redhead, as her red hair before was so iconic. Instead, I learnt that she is a natural blonde!

Don’t worry though guys, even though she is now blonde, we still had a red theme for a trip. Completely unplanned, it turns out we had matching bikinis! I was a little jealous of Anny’s because she has push-up pads for hers, giving me boob envy.

Fresh outta shower 😂👌with @anny_aurora #wetallover #washedmyboobs #washedhersaswell

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Too short a visit, let’s do this again soon!

It was so hot this week, we considered going swimming. Hungary doesn’t really have the seaside though, so we decided to just share a shower together instead. There’s going to be a really fun video I’m working on right now that’ll show you just how much fun we had in the shower.

Of course, I did show Anny around some of my favourite places. We had a lovely meal, played Cards Against Humanity as well as King of Tokyo.

It was all over much too soon, and I can’t wait to see Anny again. I hope it won’t be another year and a half though!