Considering how obsessed Harriet Sugarcookie is with food it’s pretty amazing it’s taken this long for her to make a video in the kitchen. Harriet says she’s always found sex and food to be quite separate things so if you’re expecting a sploshing video you might be disappointed. Still, we hope you enjoy this anyway.


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  • MattGeek

    Beautiful kitchen, Harriet ;) :D thanks for the video, was a nice and sweet one. … Often on twitter or here on your site you asked for new ideas, so i just thought about how if you could do someday one of your funny board game specials together with MyCherryCrush and maybe it will even turn into more? I also recommended you to try the board game “Hatschi! Iglu” – as far as i know it’s released in germany only, but you can find it here if u want:–Iglu.html – i promise you will hate the icebear :D but you will also have much fun.

    And btw your articles, videos and your whole website is awesome and inspiring, it’s finally something fresh and i really enjoy it. best regards and have a nice day!

  • yours

    You always show us your very best, that is why we never get tired and are looking forward for more of your artful videos…Thanks a lot Goddess Harriet !