Having Valentina Nappi visit me this past week has been one of the best things ever. I’m a huge Valentina Nappi fan. It felt crazy then to be able to hang out and really get to know her. 

I first tweeted about being at the airport to pick up a special guest. Not many of you were able to guess who it was, but some people did! To be a bit nicer, I then tweeted this sneaky make-up picture of my special guest, and most people were able to figure it out. Possibly not the most flattering picture I could have taken, but don’t worry, I’ve taken a lot of photos of the trip.

The Dream Team

Valentina Nappi is sitting in the taxi on the drive from the airport to the apartment. She’s wearing a loose t-shirt and what looks to be pyjama bottoms. I later learn that this is her preferred chilling out outfit, and it’s true that it looks very comfy.

We talk a little in the taxi. She tells me about all her new pets she has recently adopted. A rabit, a geko and a praying mantis. I tell her I’m scared of snakes and she proceeds to try and show me pictures of cute reptiles on Instagram. I show her pictures of my cats. She wants to meet them and I promise her she’ll get a chance.

We arrive at the apartment where Gina Gerson is waiting for us. This is a surprise for Valentina. I explain that Gina is here to makes things more fun, and that I think they will get along.

We’re a strange group of girls. Gina Gerson is very Russian, in a strong, bold and very loud way. Valentina Nappi is totally relaxed, confident and oozes Italian sex appeal. I’m sort of just excited, like a fangirl that can’t quite believe her luck.

Dinner and cats

Gina has to leave before we go for dinner because she has an early morning start the next day. I decide to take Valentina to one of my favourite eating joints, although I’m not very hungry. She orders the goulash soup, a Hungarian speciality and I order the green pea soup. For dessert, we have a souffle and some french toast. Of course, we also order some cocktails, although I’m unable to really drink mine.

After dinner, Valentina asks if she can see my cats. I realise more people should get pets, because instead of asking “would you like to come back to my place for coffee” you can say “would you like to meet my cats?”.

My cats are very moody. They can be affectionate sometimes, but mostly they are quite aloof. But even they know an amazing person when they see one. Both came over straight away to be petted by Valentina. Milk even let her take a picture with him!

All about that Ass

Valentina wakes up early. That is, she wakes up earlier than me. I come into the kitchen in the morning to see her chasing around the cat. I feed them and explain they can be quite moody before they’re fed in the mornings.

Today we have fun playing around in different outfits. She shows me some swimming costumes she bought years ago. There’s an R2D2 costume that strikes a cord with my inner geek, and a Jaws-themed costume which I find hilarious.

When she puts on her costume, I realise she has one of the most amazing butts ever. I mean, I noticed it yesterday, but today it seems extra prominent. She asks me what I’m staring at and I explain how much I like her bum. The rest of the day is spent with her teasing me with it. I play along, but truth be told I was loving every second!