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A South Yorkshire policeman has been prosecuted for using a police helicopter to film people having sex in their garden. In other news, a Halal friendly sex guide has been written for Muslim women, and Ukranian Playmate Iryna Ivanova is denied entry into church.

Adrian Pogmore, ex Air Observer for a South Yorkshire helicopter crew is being prosecuted along with four other men for filming people having sex in the gardens, using a police helicopter.

The men include serving South Yorkshire officers Matthew Lucas, 42, and Lee Walls, 47, retired South Yorkshire Police pilot Malcolm Reeves, 64, and former South Yorkshire pilot Matthew Loosemore, 45.

The equipment abused by Pogmore and co costs around £4million and the incident took place between 2007-2012.

Pogmore filmed swinger friends of his who had agreed to be filmed. The group engaged in sexual acts knowing the helicopter was flying above them. However, footage of other citizens being filmed was also found. This included a mother and her teenage daughters sunbathing.

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Halal friendly sex guide by Umm Muladhat

A Muslim woman, pen name Umm Muladhat, has released a sex guide aimed at Muslim women. The book is the first of its kind and is making a sweep across the Mulsim community.

Muladhat first came up with the idea after speaking with a newlywed friend. Her friend spoke of her unfulfilling sex life, and Muladhat realised that many women were completely clueless on how to have better sex. Within the Muslim community, sex isn’t really spoken about outside of religious expectations.

She gathered information from her own experiences as well as by talking to other Muslim women. The book was quickly talked about and is now even given to newly wed couples.

It marks a new change in attitudes towards sex and has allowed people to be more open about the topic. By popular demand, Muladhat is writing a sequel aimed at Muslim men.

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Playmate model is denied entry into Sagrada Familia

Iryna Ivanova, a Russian born glamour model, was denied entry into Sagrada Familia due to her “offensive body”. The model has large 30F breasts and claims she was wearing long trousers and had her shoulders covered.

In photos, however, it can be seen that often, even when wearing full body covering clothing, the model’s breasts and nipples are very clearly outlined in a very sexual and provocative way.

She has almost 3 million followers on Instagram and her boobs have been cheekily dubbed Barcelona’s second most popular tourist attraction by her fans.

Don't get in my way this Friday, I'll POKE you 🍼🍼

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