This list was super hard to pick. The fact is, there are so many hot girls making content on YouTube, and I definitely haven’t seen them all. I chose girls that are not only good looking but make some really great content too. If there’s anyone I’ve missed off from this hottest female youtubers list tell me in the comments!


Lia is a super cute 20 year old singer/songwriter. You probably know her from Kids React by FineBros. But since then she’s started her own YouTube channel with lots of content and almost 2 Million subscribers.

Her videos are cute and fun. She has a lot of humour and shares a lot of funny life stories on her videos. She’s super cute and it’s been fun following her. She’s a very wholesome YouTuber to watch.


Full name Marzia Bisognin but better known as CutiePieMarzia. She is the most subscribed YouTuber from Italy with over 7 million followers. Some people might say her popularity comes from her relationship with Felix AKA PewDiePie. Marzia, however, makes great content and has really proved herself as her own personality. Her videos are very lifestyle based with lots focusing on health.


Sssniperwolf is known as a gamergirl and caught a lot of YouTube drama over it. Most of her videos are reaction videos and general fun videos rather than gameplay.  She’s very attractive, energetic and has a huge fanbase. Impressively, she posts videos nearly every day. Watching videos other people have made on the “fall” of Sssniperwolf is also pretty funny, but on the crazy to hot scale she still makes the list.


Fairly new on the YouTube scene is Yanet Garcia. I found her through the YouTube drama with Sssniperwolf actually. She has an amazing body and has done a few fitness based videos. Most of her videos follow her life, travelling and hanging out with her boyfriend who is also a YouTuber. She speaks Spanish but has been learning English a lot, so her videos involve a mix of both languages.


Canadian born YouTuber Lilly Singh has over 12 million subscribers on YouTube. Lilly has won an MTV Fandom Award, three Streamy Awards, two Teen Choice Awards and a People’s Choice Award which is super amazing. She’s even got her own lipstick. It’s amazing because she’s been open with the fact she originally started making YouTube videos to help with her depression. A real inspiration to everyone out there who want to get motivated. Her videos range from funny to personal to just plain silly, but I love that variety.


Rachel Levin is known as one of the most influential YouTubers for the younger generations. She’s a house hold name in the beauty guru world with over 12 million subscribers. She’s pretty quirky and has done some very silly videos. They’re fun to watch and she does have some great beauty tips. Don’t worry, there’s stuff for guys on her channel as well.

Natalie Tyler Tran 

Natalie’s an Australian YouTube who goes by CommunityChannel. Her videos are really well made, often with skits written, acted and edited by herself. It’s so great to follow someone who puts out such high-quality work. The videos are also really funny and I like her Australian accent as well. I love following female comedians, and I love that Natalie’s jokes don’t rely on her being a woman.


Jenna Marbles is probably one of the most well known female YouTubers. She has over 17 million subscribers and has published over 200 videos already. Her videos have a lot of variety, from daily life stuff, hair and makeup to random videos with her dog. Her personality has won her a loyal fanbase and she continues to be a pillar in the YouTube community.