Katana is beautiful, fun, kind and passionate. And that’s why she’s Miss Sugarcookie for September, she represents everything we love about our favourite pornstars. Katana is very new to the business. Not a lot is known about her yet. So as well as seeing her adult videos this month you can also read this interview to find out more about the sweetest new girl in porn.

HS: You’ve been working in porn for about 9 months now but I don’t think many people have discovered you yet. Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get into porn? Did you just wake up one day and say “hey, I need to have more sex, I’m gonna try porn”?

K: I’ve always been a big porn fan, I like to watch all kinds of porn because I think it can be considered entertainment or art and it’s educational. It opens your mind to new experiences alone or in company.

However, never in my life did I imagine I will be the one on the screen! It was nothing planned at all, it was totally spontaneous the way I entered in this industry.

I was having a coffee with a friend and he is in touch with some people of porn industry. By chance a director was shooting nearby and he invited my friend to visit him. I went with him super excited, never could imagine I will be in a real porn scene.

I was so impressed because everything was so new for me but I was really fascinated with the good vibes of the people and then I couldn’t believe the director was interested in me when he saw me.

So we switched numbers and the next day we had a coffee and gave me the chance to start in this business. I tried first with a light girl-girl scene. I felt really comfortable in front of the cameras and now it’s already nine months since I’ve started! Incredible how the time passes so fast!

I have to say I’m really happy about my decision, I love what I do and being in this industry I am able to meet lot of incredible people from all around the world.

HS: What’s your background exactly?

K: Ha! I’m the three of them. I consider myself Spanish since I was born and raised in the lovely city of Barcelona. But of course, from my features you can see I’m Asian. My mother is Japanese from Kyoto and my father is from China, Shanghai.

HS: How has your cultural background your defined your sexual attitudes?

K: Asian culture and mentality is very different from European. My parents are from an old generation which is very traditional, conservative and close-minded. They gave us (my brother and me) a very strict education.

I think the more you try to control [your children], the more you are gonna lose it. My brother and I were raised in a restricted and oppressed environment so that only helped to increase our curiosity.

“Asian culture still thinks women are weak”

So, I think parents should talk and teach about sexuality with their children openly since is something natural, instead of avoiding it and forbidding it.

I love the discipline and the high quality education my culture believes in, but things has changed and we are now living in the 21st century, there is no longer the old-fashioned thoughts of women staying pure until marriage, waiting their husband at home cleaning and taking care of the kids as servants without any value.

We are fighting for human equality and Asian culture still thinks women are weak, valueless themselves and can´t enjoy their sexuality openly.

HS: Which pornstars are an inspiration to you?
K: I don’t have any inspiration or hero/heroine in porn. I think we all have different styles and we are great in our own ways. I’m focused doing my best step by step and always enjoying having fun.

HS: What have been the highlights of your porn career so far?
K: Highlights is not the exact word I would use but even before being in porn industry I have always followed and wanted to meet Erika Lust.

She is one of the few female porn producers and she is more focused on women’s feelings, pleasure and fantasies. Her scenes have a history behind them based on diversity, passion and a crafted work from all her incredible crew. It was a really great experience being surrounded with their joy and good vibes, not to mention the beautiful film; it’s one I’m most proud of.

HS: What have you learned from porn?
K: Many things but the most important one is that we don’t have to judge people by their appearances or by what they have decided to choose as job or professional career. Most people fall into the stereotypes but we all have a history.

HS: Are you single, if so why, and what sort of guys do you like?

K: I’ve never had boyfriend or girlfriend and now I even think it’s gonna be more difficult to have a normal loving relationship.

I’m quite fussy and picky when it comes to finding a partner who can complement and understand me. I need someone mature by my side who be able to trust and accepts me and my job since I will never change myself for trying to like someone.

HS: Do you prefer sex in porn or your personal life?

K: I love having sex, but the feeling in personal life with the one you want is more pleasant since you don’t have to be worried about looking good in front of the camera, make-up, lights, hair. . .

HS: You’re in LA at the moment, our favourite place in the world. How has it been shooting in America? What’s different about Euro and American shoots and stars?

K: I do like American shoots more, even thought shooting can be longer, but the professionalism and the little details they take care of are worth it.

HS: What’s next for Katana, anything else you want to tell us?

K: In my mind there is the vague idea to have my own website, be able to direct my own scenes and content so I can express my ideas instead of always be the one who is told to what to do.