I’m visited by my long time lover Sam who knows my body better than anyone else. Sleepy sex is sometimes one of the best, but only if your partner knows how to wake you up properly.

I’m asleep on the bed when Sam comes in. I feel him before I see him, as he climbs over and puts his weight on me, capturing me beneath his body like a cage. It’s a playful move that wakes me up to see his face inches away from my own.

I laugh and try to push him off me but he is immovable. Instead, he tightens his arms to catch me in an embrace and kisses me softly on first my nose, and then my lips. I kiss him back and close my eyes again. So sleepy.

He laughs at me, then rolls off to the side. We lie spooning like that for a little while. I fell asleep fully clothed, jeans, top, and sweater. I feel his hands reach over and pull my top and sweater up exposing my black lace bra. Turning to face him,  he takes one breast out and starts sucking on my nipple.

I close my eyes and let myself enjoy the sensation of his mouth on me. He frees my other breast so that I am lying there fully clothed with my top pull up and my bra pulled down, breasts spilling out at him. He takes it, in turn, to first suckle on one, then the other, before moving back again.

He’s quite deliberate about it. I once told him that if one breast has more attention paid to it, the other one gets jealous. Since then he has always taken it very seriously to make sure he never causes one envy. He pushes my boobs close together so that the nipples are almost touching and engulfs both in his mouth.

The sensation is hot. It tingles through my body, warming me up slowly. I feel the warmth spread right down to my toes. I wrap my arms around Sam’s neck and he looks up in time to let me kiss him.

It’s been a while. We kiss tenderly, which I find amusing because normally Sam is someone that likes to go diving in. He’s taking a lot more time today, maybe because I am still waking up.

I feel him tug away at my top and sweater, he pulls both as well as my bra over my head and discards the garments on the floor. This is more like him I think. Next, he works on taking off my jeans and I kick off my socks. Before I know it, I am lying naked in front of him.

He moves to lie on his side next to me and reaches down with one hand to touch me. I tense up in anticipation. With practiced skill, he starts to press little circles around my clitoris, adding pressure occasionally in just the right places. I squirm under his expert touch.

I was slowly warming up but now my body is on fire. Sam’s hands always know what to do. He slips one finger inside me and presses it upwards just right. My whole body writhes in pleasure and I can’t help but let an excited moan escape my lips.

He increases his tempo and I can feel a storm building upside my body. I struggle against Sam’s body, a sort of fight we both play together. He knows that I know he can make me climax this way. I try and fight it, and he tries and brings me over the edge quicker. It’s a fun little game that I always manage to lose spectacularly.

As I am shivering and shuddering with the waves of my orgasm, Sam has somehow managed to remove all his clothing and is now on top of me. I feel him slide his hard cock inside me and it feels like I’m tipping over all over again.

It’s as if he won’t let me come down from the highs of climax. Every push inside me he drives me further and further into oblivious pleasure. My arms and legs are wrapped around him, I’m unable to do much other than to move my body in time with his. My last coherent thought is “how long can a woman really sustain an orgasm?” before all thoughts are pushed out of my head and I lose myself to the frenzy of the situation.

Later lying back, spent and satisfied, I curl myself up in a ball against Sam’s chest and promptly fall asleep. He pulls me closer and we nap like that, until I wake up. Watching his sleeping face, I wonder how I should return the favour best and decide to wake him up with a blowjob.