This week I had the absolute pleasure of showing Spanish pornstar Katana around Budapest! It was a super fun two days spent together and I can’t wait to meet Katana again soon because she is so wonderful.

I first tweeted everyone that I was at the airport waiting for a new model. It’s really funny because some people thought it meant I was going to go somewhere via plane. Sorry guys, we stayed in good old Budapest. Katana was super easy to spot, even in a very crowded airport. I think because there were so few Asian people around, but also because she’s just so pretty. Katana is half Chinese and half Japanese.


This isn’t Katana’s first time in Budapest. However, on previous occasions, she’s been too busy to really do any sightseeing. That’s why when she visits this time, I simply have to show her some more of this beautiful city. We saw the usual suspects,

We saw the usual suspects, Houses of parliament, Saint Stephen’s cathedral, a lot of statues, the castle, Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s amazing how much of Budapest you can see in a single day. Both our feet were pretty tired by the end though!

Budapest tour!!!! #housesofparliment #myfeethurt #letsgetasegway

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Sploshing and the spa

Of course, we also made some videos for you guys to watch! I’m very happy to say that Katana and I like kissing each other a lot. We also like messing around a lot. I have to say, this is probably the closest I’ve ever gotten to “sploshing” as we shared some of the most insane milkshakes together in bed.

After making all that mess we decided to go to the spa and get super clean. Don’t worry, we showered beforehand. It was so much fun going to the spa. There was a pool and a steam room and a sauna and two Jacuzzis. We tried everything. My skin feels so soft now!

harriet and Katana eating a donut

No expenses are spared on costumes here at #spaceman #herecomestheinvasion #spaceprobe

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