Introducing‘s first ever Miss Sugarcookie of the Month – Valentina Nappi. What is Miss Sugarcookie? It’s our way of celebrating some of the most amazing women to be featured on the website. We’ll be looking at what makes Valentina Nappi tick on a more personal and intimate level this month.

When it came to deciding who to nominate for August and our first ever celebration, Valentina Nappi instantly sprang to mind. Choosing our first ever Miss Sugarcookie wasn’t an easy task. We need someone who encapsulates everything we love and respect from the porn industry. We want someone who we admire and truly appreciate. Valentina Nappi has all of these qualities and more, and we’re honoured to have the opportunity to really share her more personal side.

Valentina Nappi is a star. She stands out in the hundreds of porn videos you can find online. Her videos always show her enjoying herself and you can tell she’s proud of her career. It takes something special to be able to be as open and honest as she is.

The fact is, porn isn’t an easy job. Many people critique those in the industry, slut-shame and look down upon those who take it. With that attitude, it can be hard as a performer to defend yourself. It’s frustrating to have to constantly stand up for your own choices.

Courage and Conviction

Valentina Nappi has the courage and conviction to speak her mind on the subject of sex and the porn industry. She has never let anyone talk down to her. She has always explained herself and her pride in her job clearly. There’s no sugarcoating, no feeling the need to explain herself.

One of the questions pornstars get asked the most often is “Why did you decide to do porn?” Valentina’s answer is refreshingly clear and honest. She compares it to eating food.

“There’s nothing I want to eat every day. I like variety, it’s why I do porn – I wanna fuck with other people too, even if they don’t fuck that good. I want variety.”

Love is love, sex is sex, it doesn’t have to be complicated

In addition, she also explains to us that sex and love are two different things. Valentina has a long term boyfriend whom she’s been dating for 8 years, since before she joined the industry.

She is monogamous emotionally with her boyfriend, but they understand each other and their relationship. She has sex with other people. He’s fine with it. That doesn’t make him a cuckold, and it doesn’t mean they’re in a polyamorous relationship either.

“I don’t believe in polyamory. It’s already too complicated to love one person. Love should be rational. Sure, at the beginning there’s all the attraction and butterflies. But love is about the ideas you have in common.”

Firstly, it’s clear that Valentina takes her relationship and love very seriously. Her relationship with her boyfriend and how it works with her career may sound complicated to other people, but for them, it works and they are happy. She doesn’t feel the need to defend her relationship, even if some people may sneer at it’s dynamic. Those people aren’t worth the attention they’re seeking.

Why Valentina Nappi is truly kickass

There is an idea that porn stars are only ever wild nymphomaniacs. That they are unable to have normal relationships because they’re just so busy being sluts all the time, that maybe they can only date other pornstars. Many believe that porn stars are damsels in distress, disguised as bad girls, but deep down wanting to be rescued and turned into a good girl.

“It’s like the fetish of taking a whore from the street and making a good girl,” Valentina Nappi explains, “they want to own you like ‘oh you’ve taken so many dicks but now you’re mine'”

She laughs at the idea of being rescued. She doesn’t need to be rescued. “”I’m a big slut!” she jokes, “those orgasms are really ruining my life. Please save me. Save me from those boobs and butts, and orgasms and huge dicks I don’t get in normal life.”

That’s Valentina Nappi, Miss Sugarcookie for August. A big slut, who likes huge dicks, boobs and butts. A girl who loves only one guy and makes that relationship work. She is beautiful, and we say that with full meaning. We saw this woman come off a plane, wearing no makeup and comfy clothes that could have been leftovers from a lost and found bin. But she turned heads even at the airport, even when she wasn’t trying. That’s something you can’t fake. She doesn’t compromise herself, she doesn’t settle. Valentina Nappi does Valentina Nappi, and she kicks ass at it.