In my recent trip to Los Angeles I met up with Asian magazine Amped Asia. They’re a wonderful group with a kickass publication and I was super lucky to get to shoot with Amped Asia. It was so much fun!

This is my first professional photoshoot. I’m not sure how many of you know, but most of my photosets up until recently have been taken on my iPhone. It was pretty crazy then for me to be doing a proper professional set. There’s a studio, multiple locations, many outfit changes and not one but two photographers. The whole deal.

We start fairly early in the morning. I have my hair up twin bun style and I’m wearing a white top with my black dungaree dress over the top. Plus pins. Lots of pins, as my collection is growing.

The Amped Asia team explain to me that they want to show me a bit of LA first. They know i’m pretty new, and it’s super cool to get a little tour. We go to this amazing food market because they understand exactly what sort of person I am! I get to try a whole bunch of food as they tell me a bit about the history around the area.

As photoshoots go, it’s very relaxing and easy going. After the food, which is delicious, we head up to the roof of the building. It’s my first time really seeing the LA skyline from this perspective. The sun is shining and I’m getting very warm. It feels amazing though and I wonder if this is the California vibe Katy Perry and Snoop Dog were singing about.

The videographer explains what he wants me to do. Stand, pose, walk a bit. In true Sugarcookie style however I can’t help but be a bit dorky. I wiggle my sunglasses in a way my little sister has told me is “really stupid”. I do a bit of the infamous panty dance. They love it.

This is a relief by the way. I don’t know if I could ever be a professional model, all vogue and chic. I only really know how to be a dork. Walking from point A to point B is fairly easy, although I have to remind myself not to do anything from the Ministry of Silly Walks. I almost succeed.

The Studio

After the rooftop dancing we move to the studio. The studio is large and has lots of different rooms. It’s perfect for taking photos in different outfits. First we are in a room that looks like it belongs to a private member’s club. Plush sofas and lots of books. I sit in the windowsill and try to be seductive. Amped Asia shoot pink shirt

One costume change later and I am in my yellow bikini and a borrowed pink shirt.We do lots of seductive things like unbuttoning said shirt, and looking wistfully into the distance. I’m given lots of direction, so I feel a little more confident.

Amped Asia shootNext up I am stood on yet another rooftop, with another beautiful view of LA skyline. Here we do more walking, this time in the yellow bikini. The sun is very high up in the Sky and I can feel it on my skin. We don’t stay too long as all of us are sweating quite a bit.

Finally we hit a white studio room with white walls and lots of lights. Yet another costume change, but I keep the pink shirt. Here Solomon Augusteyn, the photographer, really brings out my inner model. The poses feel sexy. I tease around in the bikini, the Virgin Killer Sweater, just my underwear. His camera is clicking away at lightning speed, him giving me the occasional direction.

Harriet in Virgin Killer SweaterA fantastic day


The shoot takes the entire day. It doesn’t feel like it though. It’s so much fun!Everyone from the Amped Asia media team are lovely, funny and really friendly. I’m not sure what I was expecting, I was so nervous. But they made me feel comfortable straight away.

I also did an interview with them. It feels nice because they want to know more about me as a person and my business. It’s not just a model photoshoot for a magazine.It’s more than that. I’ve made some amazing friends, and we all promise to meet up again to hang out some time.

I’m on their alternative cover this month, that is, my photo will be on their back page. It’s the first time I’ve been on any cover of a magazine! I feel so happy and lucky! You can buy the issue from their website, and next time we’ll aim to get onto the front cover too!

Harriet alternative cover on Amped Asia