Anny Aurora is the German girl next door we were all ecstatic to see enter the porn industry.  An entrepreneur herself, Anny runs her own site as well as working for other productions. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Anny many times and we’re now both very close friends.

Anny Aurora sits down on the kitchen stool next to me. This isn’t the first time we’ve met or even the first time I’ve interviewed her. It is, however, the first time she has flown into Budapest especially to see me.

Harriet: Thanks for coming to see me, Anny. I’m sure you know the drill by now, so we’re going to do this pretty casually ok? Let’s start off by just finding out how you came into the wonderful world of porn!

Anny: No, I’m so happy to be here! (she smiles really brightly, making me bush)

Hmm. How did I get into porn? Well, I guess it was inevitable really. I’ve always experimented in my sex life. You could say I got into things when I was quite young because I did my first ever camshow on my actual 18th birthday! Really! I’ve always been fascinated by camgirls and I couldn’t wait to try it out myself. Needless to say, I really enjoyed myself. The rest is history.

H: Gosh, your actual 18th birthday? I bet that was crazy! Did you ever imagine that when you were younger? What was your dream job you thought of having when you were a kid?

A: I never had a dream job in mind. If I had to say something, I would say that I’ve always wanted to help people. That has always been my goal. Now I do help people (with their porn fantasies!) so you could say I’ve got my dream job.

H: Ahaha, that’s a pretty funny way to look at it, but I think you’re right. I feel the same way sometimes. So let me ask you something a bit touchy, how did your family feel when they found out? I was so nervous telling mine…

A: I am so lucky with my family. I tell them everything, and you know they respect my decision. Is that similar to you?

H: Yes, I’m lucky as well, my family are super supportive. Ok so next question… Oh right! You’ve worked for American productions as well as European ones. Can you tell me a bit about the differences? Is one place better than the other?

A: Oh that’s a hard question! Yes I work in both American and European productions. I guess the biggest difference is the size. In America production is larger, and the feature length of the videos is much longer. So it feels like a big production and that’s nice. In Europe, things are much smaller. But that’s nice as well you know? I’m glad that I’m able to work with both and mix things up.

H: That’s so interesting! I’ll have to make my way to America to check it out one day. We’ll have to hang out in America again soon, maybe at the next AVNs? I still need a date for that though. Speaking of dates, do you have a boyfriend at the moment?

A: Ah, no I don’t!

H: What? How come? You can be my date for the AVNs then.

A: I’m just not looking for one right now. I’m really happy being able to have lots of sex partners, and for me, that works best right now. Maybe in the future, I’ll think about it, but I just really love my lifestyle that I have. Plus with my work and travelling, it works out better this way.

H: That makes perfect sense, I don’t have one for the same reason. I see you dodged my date invite though, ahaha. So what sort of person do you want to date? Tell me what sort of men impress you?

A: Just the normal stuff. I want a guy with a sense of humour, that’s really important. But he has to be motivated and know what he wants in life. Also, someone who’s smart. That’s normal right?

H: Yes, I think that’s normal. What about romance? I like romantic things, tell me what’s the most romantic thing a guy has ever done for you.

A: Ok this one is easy. One time, this guy, he brought a mattress outside under my balcony. He put up candles and stuff all around it. There were lots of pillows and blankets, and of course, he brought some good wine. It was so beautiful, to lie under the stars and sleep outside like that.

H: That sounds amazing! I’m so jealous! Oh, you mentioned sex earlier. Can I ask, what’s your advice for having a happy sex life?

A: Always be open for new things! Never think that you have tried everything. Very simple.

H: Solid advice, thank you! So just to wrap things up, do you have any upcoming projects or words you’d like to give to the readers?

A: I’ll be back in the USA to do more shooting, but I can’t tell you with who yet. Plus I’ll also be at the Venus Fair in Berlin. That’s in October, it’s a consumer show so any fans that want to meet me can come visit me there! (She finishes the interview by blowing lots of kisses)