We all care about what’s going on down there.  And we get worried if things aren’t going as well as we want them to. Getting it up sounds like it should be easy, so when we have problems it can really mess with our heads. Here are some tips on how to help you have a stronger erection. 

First of all, this isn’t about penis enlargement pills or penis enlargement anything. Of course having a stronger erection will help will how big your penis seems, but it won’t actually make it physically larger than you are already.

Now about erections. They’re not as easy as everyone thinks. In fact, getting a penis from flaccid to ready-to-go takes quite a bit of effort on your body’s part. It involves you being in the right mental state, your nervous system, your vascular system and your hormonal system.

There are two ways of getting erect. One comes from direct contact and it happens as a physical reflex reaction. The other comes from mental stimulation and you can get erect without anything touching your penis.

When you do become stimulated, either physically or mentally, your body releases a bunch of things that control muscles that in turn controls blood flow to your penis. The blood vessels in your penis need to become larger to allow for more blood and therefore an erection.

There are two main reasons why guys can’t get an erection, or a good one anyway, going. First, you might not be psychologically ready. If your brain is unable to be stimulated, your body might not want to do anything. The other depends on your body, and it’s ability to create an erection regardless of what your brain is doing.

How to get your head in the right place

Let’s look into your brain side of things first. The number one rule you need to focus on is to stay relaxed. Being relaxed is so important. If you have issues that will impede this, that’s probably your problem.

This could be anything from stress, depression, anxiety to mental fatigue or relationship worries. If you think the reason your erections aren’t working as they should be is that your head can’t get into it, look at asking yourself why.

Are you having difficulties sleeping? Is work tough? Are you constantly worried? Figuring out bigger issues in your life that is impacting your mental wellbeing is a great step into figuring out the cause of your erection problems. You might think it’s unrelated, but really, it’s always related.

Before doing anything with your penis, make sure you feel happy, relaxed and in the right mind frame. If you’re not in that place, forcing yourself to try anyway is super unhealthy. It will just add to your frustrations.

Physical ways to help

Exercise and looking after your body is the simplest way to keep things in working order. The aim of the game is to make sure your blood has no problem getting to your penis and doing its work.

Exercising is a great way to regulate your body, especially your blood flow. It also has the added benefit of helping with your stamina. It’s also important to stay a healthy weight, as increased fat means increase testosterone that turns into oestrogen. An imbalance between testosterone and oestrogen can really affect your ability to get an erection.  Smoking is also terrible for your erection game.

Being careful with what you eat and drink also goes a long way. Make sure that you’re always hydrated, increase dark berries that contain anthocyanins and be aware of your alcohol consumption. A little bit of alcohol can be good, it works as a relaxant. too much and you can be in trouble getting things up.