It’s Halloween again. That time of year when girls dress up as sexy pumpkins, or sexy cats, or sexy rolls of toilet paper. For guys, however, it can be a bit trickier to find easy, cheap costumes. Here are some fun last minute costume ideas that you can still throw together for tonight!

Alfredo Linguini from Ratatouille

For this costume, you’ll need a chef’s hat or some white paper to make a chef’s hat. A whole chef’s outfit would also be good, but I’m sure you could get away with a white shirt if you had to. The magic in this costume comes from the cutout rat in the hat. Use plastic tealights inside the hat to illuminate it, and show off your hidden Remy!

No-Face from Spirited Away

A twist on the classic white bedsheet ghost. Here you need a black bedsheet and a white mask. No-Face is a fan favourite character whose costume is surprisingly easy to make. For an added bonus, you can carry around some homemade bath tokens like the ones he gives Chihiro in the movies. Or fake gold.

Sims character from The Sims

If you really want to go with the lazy option, make a green plumbob (that’s what the crystal is called!) and stick it on top of your head. You can wear any outfit you like otherwise. Literally anything. Instant Sims character and the best part is pretty much everyone will recognise it.

Bob Ross the painter

Everyone’s favourite! Bob Ross is pretty easy to dress up as. Get yourself a beard, some curly hair wig and a blue shirt and blue jeans. Carry around a paintbrush and tell everyone that they’re a happy tree.

Johnny and Plank from Ed, Edd n Eddy

For this costume, you just need to throw on a white T-shirt. baggy blue jeans and paint yourself a Plank. Shaving your head is 0ptional. If you have a few friends, you can all dress up as the other kids from Ed, Edd n Eddy as their outfits are all fairly simple but easy to recognise.

Patrick Bateman – American Psycho

Who doesn’t love an axe-wielding Wall Street serial killer? Patrick Bateman is a classic character, and his version played by Christian Bale is iconic. You’ll just need a suit, white rain mack and axe. If you don’t have the raincoat, then you can simply wear the suit and paint half your face with fake blood and really mess up your hair. You’ll still need the axe though.

Walter White from Breaking Bad

If we’re talking about lazy, it doesn’t get much lazier than not wearing trousers! Get yourself a green shirt, tighty whiteys and a pair of glasses. Boom, you’ve got one badass chemistry teacher.

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